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Death Valley Vanish

‘Death Valley is neither dead, nor a valley.’ That is the first thing we could read when we opened the crew-profile of Death Valley, the 4th crew to reach the stats in a record-time. When we asked crewboss TheUndertaker how they got there so fast, his answer was short and significant : “ With good teamwork “.

That must be true, because one of the first and biggest challenges of a crew is getting on the stats. So to reach the stats this fast can only mean that Death Valley exists of at least 15 active players who play this game longer than this round. With TheUndertaker and Scandalous as their founders, Zenitfan as council and Catsuit being the recruiter, this crew has made an excellent start.

The crewboss confirmed all the members are old-skool players. Although we may know the crew from previous rounds, the crew now has a new name, new players, new names and new intentions. One of those intentions are to remain on the stats for a very long time. But that is a goal that all of the crews are eager to eachieve. Therefore, the outcome of this goal will be something that only time can tell us. But like TheUndertaker confirms : “We will do anything to remain on the stats. People will fear us for the things we can and will do to attain this achievement.” They already tried this in previous rounds, but TheUndertaker wishes to keep their previous name(s) unknown. “ It doesn’t matter who we were and what we did. What really matters, is who we are and what we do now. “

But they didn’t name themselves Death Valley for nothing. "Everyone should be scared of Death Valley, because nothing goods comes out of it. That’s exactly what we will do : people will get scared of us and they won’t even imagine what we are possible to do in this game. We are like a real Death Valley : Nothing good ever comes out of it..” So speaks the crewboss.

With the American’ Death Valley’ located in the ‘Mojave Desert, Eastern California’, we might expect this crew to make California their home state. Maybe that is the reason why they picked the California Bullet Factory to be the one that Scandalous, co-boss of the crew, picked up.

I can feel that this crew is just about to start something very big. Maybe we all should fear them? But although they strive to be feared, exceptions can always be made, according to TheUndertaker . “When you are good to us, we can be good to you too”. With those ominious and satisfying words, the crew has been properly introduced to the game.