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Forum Post Of The Week Lethal

PCFixerGuy wrote:
So I come home from work a couple of days ago. My fiance sitting on the couch watching TV. I sit down, she doesn't even look at me. Asked her why she was grumpy... because ya know... I can sense these things. She says "Nothing, I'm fine." (RIIIGHT... ok...)

Few minutes go by, I reach over to rub her feet... She pulls them away. "Ok really, what's the matter?" "I just don't know if I can trust you ever!" she says. "Okay, WHERE is that coming from? That's so random!"

I start to get the spiel about how I work too much, never around, do you even want to be around. Here's the deal... I work 3 jobs. I come home, I do chores. She has A job... two kids to add. Cleans up a little here and there. So I get a little tweaked when she throws out the whole: "You're never around." thing because we're trying to save up money. So after some bantering back and forth, she comes out with, "So then, why do you have a Swiss Bank Account??"

Unfortunately... once this clicked within 3 seconds, I busted out laughing. This did not help the situation. My gmail account was left logged in at home. Sent myself an email when I created the Swiss Bank Account with the info so I don't friggin lose it. Well she happened to go onto the PC and saw that as the subject of the email I sent myself. Then the wheels started to turn in her head and create this big drama scene that I was going behind her back.

I reminded her of the game we played a couple of years ago: "Remember? the one I had to keep doing OCs for you for so you had enough money to play blackjack with for hours on end?" Then it was the waterworks because of how embarrassed she was.

Good times. I should write a book: "The many ways Bootleggers almost ruined my life."