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The Skies Have Turned Green! AceAdam

Okay, I lied. But now you’ve stopped looking out your window and are now back to reading this article let me explain why I needed your attention. Big news! Sky, a long serving, much loved bootlegger, has been promoted to moderator! This article will show Sky’s thoughts on becoming a moderator, what he hopes to bring to the game and maybe a little bit of juicy gossip at some point. So, before you carry on reading, try and bust someone, fail, try and bust yourself, fail again and now take a relaxed five minutes to read this intriguing article!

If you don’t know much about Sky, then let me give you a brief summary. He is from Lincolnshire, in the UK, at the ripe young age of 21 and has been Bootlegging since early 2004 after being peer-pressured by his old school friends in an ICT class. Sky played “on and off” until taking the game seriously at around 2008. Sky is most famous for his activity in the IRC chat when HiddenSmile was the server admin and has made most of his BL relationships from there.

So, how did Sky become a moderator? Well, not even he knew he was going to be asked when it happened. Sky explained that he was invited into an MSN conversation by Riserva which contained Mika, Aldarion and BSF2000. Instantly, he knew something wasn’t quite so normal. He reflected, “An audience like that isn't likely if it's merely to ask you to stay as HDO. Up until then I wasn't expecting it. Obviously, as an HDO, you realise the possibility is there, but I wasn't expecting it at the time. “Sky explained to me. They then announced to Sky that they would like to offer him the position of Moderator. After an overwhelming feeling of disbelief it only took Sky five seconds to decide that he was willing to take up the role, not before accusing all four of them being clinically insane for choosing him of course!

I asked Sky what his main priorities for the game are, now that he holds a very well respected position of moderator; he stated that he wanted to avoid the calamities Bootleggers suffered toward the end of round six and that, “The game should be fun for everyone, not just one faction. He also said that he’ll never want to see it being controlled in such a way by one group. He’s sure that it can be prevented with the fantastic new features and some aggressive rule enforcement.

Players who knew Sky knew that he never lived for long on Bootleggers as a player! He has told me that will be what he misses most, stating, “mostly I'm going to miss dying. I've never felt more creative than when I come up with a new name, and I've still got about 16 I'll never get to use. And the other side of the coin, I'll enjoy being able to play the game through without dying in the middle of a mission. I don't think I managed to get past the 5th mission once in the previous round. It's just a pity my achievement is irrelevant.”

Finally I asked Sky his opinion on how BSF2000 runs the game, whether he actually cared for the players or just wants to see his own bank account rise. This is what Sky had to say on the matter – “Obviously it's in BSFs interest that point sales continue, but I think he appreciates the community he's created. Fantastic friendships, and even marriages, have been made as a result of Bootleggers and that's something I think he's proud of. He has an awareness of the awesome responsibility he has and I think the three days straight he stayed awake to get the reset done goes to testify to that effect. The criticisms made of him certainly aren't justified, and I would've said exactly the thing if you'd asked me a year ago.”

Now for what we all want to know... The Elite Guard secrets! There are four rumours which Sky has generously provided me, but which is the only true one? Not even I know but I’ll let you decide - Post below what you think is the correct one! Aldarion does a disturbingly erotic dance for a slice of pizza; Riserva has a picture of Ray Liotta in his cubicle; BSF2000 collects swordfish and Mika quotes Barney from How I Met Your Mother.

Thank you very much for reading my first BL Buzz article of this round and an even bigger thank you to Sky for taking his busy time out as a moderator to speak to me! Suggestions/criticism is welcome in the comment section below this article.