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Column: Welcome Round 7! TheWridge

Imagine standing in one of those old towns you see in western movies. Tumbleweed crossing the street, combined with the sound of chirping crickets. Everything is covered with dust and it seems that nobody else is there.

This is a picture of how I think Bootleggers looked like during a long time in round 6, abandoned. The forums were empty and there were hardly any crews on the statistics. Even though some crews were created from time to time, most of them got wiped rather quick.

Yep, Bootleggers was going through a rough period; most players stopped playing after being dominated by The Family and The Triad, but instead of picking up their guns and fighting the battle, they chose to quit Bootleggers or sit around waiting for a reset. Although I didn't like to see all those people stop playing, that was not what bothered me the most.

The numerous topics asking, and in some cases even begging, for a reset really got on my nerves. At some point it seemed like every topic that people created was about either a reset, or about the killings. I thought that people would eventually understand that, if the previous 100 topics had no use, making a new one would be a waste of time, but unfortunately I was wrong.

Nevertheless I am glad that Bootleggers has been reset, although I am convinced that round 7 would have also started at this time, without anyone asking for it. However, in order to 'repair' the game, new features and updates are a must. Without those the game might end up the same way it did in round 6.

I think that the new updates are a great way to prevent the game to return to the same stage was a few months ago, and I am really looking forward to the rest of round 7!