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A Few Steps Ahead? AbuRagheb

It’s been about two weeks since the beginning of Round 7, and the race to the top has never been this fierce! Players of our persistent community have put in countless hours of effort into the recently renovated ranking system, pushing for an early advantage over the rest.

We have witnessed the promotion of the very first assassin, who was also the first ranking to both gangster and then to hitman. It is none other than the sleepless Pillow! We at the Buzz had to ask him about his techniques when it comes to ranking, and he kindly agreed to share. “I start with the crime at the bottom, and when the one above it reaches 80%+, I move onto it and so on. When every crime reaches 90% in that city, I switch on to the one after it,” Said Pillow. He also mentioned attempting GTA according to the option with the highest chance of success, and that he checked booze prices on the Classifieds to guide his journey in bootlegging.

Undoubtedly, Organized crimes then became a major factor in ranking. So we took a look at some of the very first few who committed one, asking Anonymous, Scandalous, and of course Pillow. “The moment when you can do an OC normally is awesome, but mine sucked ass. The first OC failed. I did it with 3 thugs, using respectively 1 Thompson, C4, and a Duesenberg. But since it’s a game, I didn’t moan too much and enjoyed a good night sleep. Second OC worked, same ranks, only the WE had 2 Thompsons. Result was just over $300,000. Felt great,” Said Anonymous. However, Scandalous and Pillow succeeded in their first OC, having the same ranks and equipment used in Anonymous’s second OC. All resulted with a vault ranging between $250,000 to $300,000.

Now the race continues as we wait for the first player to rank to boss, the rank that first allows the creation of crews. Will Pillow lead the race as he did to gangster, hitman and assassin? Or will others overtake him? What effect will it have on crews planning on surfacing to the statistics page? Only time will tell, and we, at the Buzz, will surely be there to cover it.