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The New Way Of Killing TheWridge

The recently updated kill feature might very well be one of the biggest mysteries in the history of Bootleggers. According to BSF2000 the new way of killing will prevent the game from being dominated by a single group of players. Even though this is the update most of the players were waiting for, the way killing got combined with the brand new feature 'Gymnasium' raises some questions.

Gymnasium allows you to train either your strength, stamina or agility. All three of these are needed to buy guns or protection. More information about the Gymnasium feature will be given in another article. The fact that certain levels are required will increase the amount of time that is needed to upgrade your gun, but something told us this isn’t everything, there might be something more. Mika once said: “it may not make it more fun for those that fancy an easy kill, but it will make it more fair as those who work hard will have the power to strike others.” Could this mean that by using the Gymnasium feature, the amount of bullets that is needed to kill someone changes?

The amount of bullets that is needed could be combined with your strength, stamina and agility in several ways. Maybe training these will make it easier for you to kill someone, compared to someone with the same gun, but a lower gymnasium skills. The same could go for the protection, each level you gain could raise your defense, or maybe it will even increase both your defense and offense. We contacted Riserva and asked him the same question. His response was that he simply couldn’t tell.

Could it be that this new way of killing backfires, that it won’t improve the game, but make it worse? Because it will be harder to kill someone, starting all over again after being killed and taking revenge will be harder as well. So people might stop playing for that reason. Mika totally disagrees. He suspects that killing did become harder, but it just requires more strategy and team play.

Unfortunately there is a bug in the kill page, and we will have to wait a little bit longer before we can investigate killing ourselves, and find out!