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Behind The Name powerbear

The Buzz has randomly messaged a few players to find a bit more about them, painting a picture of players behind the white text. One thought we were just trying to scam them, a few others did not reply. Awesomeness did. Little did we know, we'd uncovered an underground player...

What is your real first name, how old are you and where are you from?
I'm Amy, 23 years old, The Netherlands.

What do you do when you're not playing Bootleggers,?
Besides BL (as if that is my main priority) I'm still studying, like to hang out with my friends and draw.

What is your favourite food?

When did you originally join Bootleggers and how did you come across the site in the first place?
I'm playing this game waaaay too long. I blame my younger brother. Back in the days when I was 16 and we had 1 PC, he was playing this game the whole time. I got so annoyed, eventually I joined him playing BL since it was the only way to get behind the PC. In the end I am the one who's still playing and he quit playing after a few weeks.

What is the reason behind your username?
A quote of the movie Kung-Fu Panda. 'There's no charge for Awesome'.

What is your favourite feature?
Busting people out of jail never becomes boring.

If you played in the previous Round, what was your most famous R6 name and your final name before Chaos?
I had this plan to be UG in the beginning of this round.. but *peeeep* it, I'm giving up because it sucks seeing all these names of old friends and not being able to say 'hey dude! how have you been?'
Ready? *drums*..
Kuwaii. There, I have said it! Lets move on quickly to the next question

Are there any shoutouts you'd like to make, to players past and present, and anything else you'd like to add?
It's good to see old friend and players back *sniffs* missed you guys!
Also I'd like to say, sorry Triggy
And last but not least... all the pervs, scammers and the meanies on BL, I'll kick your butt

Do you follow Bootleggers on any social networking sites? If so, would you mind sharing your profiles that may be printed in the next Buzz issue?
No.. are there any active pages of Bootleggers on FB?

Keep an eye out as you could be featured in the next edition of Behind the Name!