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A Strange Looking Sarcophagus – The Solution ShyGuyII

Picture 1
The first picture is written in Braille. When you translate the Braille characters into normal characters, you’ll get this:

Het thelng fo shti sporswad si 6 traccersha. Utho I nowt ramh, od tno vhae rafe. Othu hlasl eb *delfwole* ni eth yda, biiniselv ni eht thing. Lyno neo rolocu si hawt uyo ees. Dinf em!

Doesn’t make any sense right? Well, the letters of the words above are shuffled. It’s your job to put them in the right order. The word ‘delfwole’ contained a spelling error. This was NOT done on purpose. My personal apologies for this, I think the Egyptians sucked at spelling? Anyway, when you put everything in the right order, you get:

The length of this password is 6 characters. Thou I wont harm, do not have fear. Thou shall be followed in the day, invisible in the night. Only one colour is what you see. Find me!

Find who? More like, find IT! Listen very carefully now. Lift up your right hand, approximately fifteen centimeters. Now, look under your hand. What do you see? You see the ‘object’ which is described in the sentences above. You’re confused, again?! It won’t harm you, it’s invisible in the night and it’s only one colour. Six characters long, so what is it? It’s SHADOW and that’s the first password.

Picture 2
Let’s move on with the second picture. And for the record, feel free to lower your right hand. This picture was written in Semaphore. Semaphore?! Well, have you ever been on an airfield? Next time when you’re at an airfield watch those (wo)men with the funny flags. You can actually ‘create’ words with those flags. When you translate the semaphore characters into normal characters, you get this:

Het gtlehn fo sith pwsraosd si 6 cherctaars. Ni teh thap fo live knedsars sile oru setba. Eth steba si deam fo teh sebt typegain noir. Eht sebat liwl katcat uyo nweh teh hahapor slulp ihm kcab. Dinf mih

Again, the letters of all words are shuffled. Put them in the right order and you get:

The length of this password is 6 characters. In the path of evil darkness lies our beast. The beast is made of the best Egyptian iron. The beast will attack you when The Pharaoh pulls him back. Find him!

It isn’t a dragon nor a sphinx. The password of this riddle was standing on your Bootleggers screen the whole time! It’s a beast made of iron, it’s in the path of evil darkness (a dark place) and it will attack when it’s pulled back. So what is it? It’s a BULLET and that was the second password. Way too easy isn’t it?!

Picture 3
Last but not least the third picture! This picture is written in Morse code. To discover this password, you’ll need to do a few things. Let’s start with the first step; translate the Morse code to normal characters. Do this correctly and you get:

The length of this password is 5 characters.


The E becomes a D and the 1 becomes a 0. Do this for all the letters and numbers and you're one step further. Watch out for it.

This riddle is all about the middle part; EZYMD1MWJBT. In the words above is standing how to change this middle part. Do this correctly and you get: DYXLC0LVIAS. Still doesn’t make any sense right? So what is it? Well, you have ‘watch’ out for it. Maybe, it’s a video? A video?! Indeed. Welcome on youtube:

To get the third password, you need to solve the riddle in the video. For the record, it has nothing to do with the song on the background. The song is just to get in the Egyptian mood. The video is referring to a bird who’s as smart as you and who wrote a book. The video is also warning you for the curse of getting blocked. ‘May the Gods be with you’ as the video states. That’s actually the biggest hint in the whole video. The video is referring to a God. But which one? Which God is as smart as YOU? Of course! THOTH, the Egyptian God of Wisdom (and several other things) and that’s the last password!

So, who won? Who was the fastest player who submitted the correct answers? Well, that’s not written here, nor on the sarcophagus. Maybe in another article? We hope you enjoyed the riddle, it’s definitely not the last one. On behalf of the Pharaoh; see you next time in The Bootleggers Buzz!