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A Strange Looking Winner powerbear

If the puzzle last week hasn't fried your brain, you might still be interested in who was the first to crack this code! For the answers, ShyGuyII has written a full solution in a different article, be sure to check it out!

We can proudly announce the winner to be Letmelive, who managed to crack it that Sunday afternoon! Congratulations and a good effort!

We interviewed Letmelive about her impressive code breaking ability.

Congratulations, Letmelive! How do you feel about winning?
Pretty good it's a big win too definitely worth the effort.

You won within a few hours, do you often attempt these kinds of puzzles?
I do like these types of puzzles rather than straight forward (Google) answers. Makes you actually work.

What method did you use to find the solution?
Well, I made a topic in the crew forum about it. To try get a few of us in and split the prize. There was some contribution but only me and Purgatory took proper interest. The last one, for the YouTube link, I only got because my son was watching something on YouTube and I looked at the last letters on the URL and it clicked.

Sounds like a lucky spot! What was your son watching?
Chris brown - turn up the music, he was dancing to the music and watching the video!

Would you say this is now one of your favourite songs?
Haha! Not quite but it will remind me every time it's on!

1000 points is a pretty peachy prize, what are your plans with these points?
I plan to give some to purgatory, after all he got the final answer to question three. Possibly give some to a friend or two!

What do you think of The Buzz contests? How about the method used to submit your answers?
I liked it. A proper challenge. To do the answers, purgatory tried Shadow for the first answer. Then once we knew it was correct I did it too, then for the second answer he tried (I can't remember what we tried) but got it wrong. Then I put bullet in to get it right. The last one was hit or miss. If we got it wrong we'd have been out.

Do you have any interesting facts about yourself, a colourful history perhaps?
I study forensic science which may of been why I guessed bullet! Can't really think of anything else!

You often host your own games and give aways, what is your favourite type of game or puzzle?
I do. I like games that get you thinking. Ones which need a strategy.

Anything else you wish to add?
Yeah. Nice puzzles shyguy, I'm ready to crack your next one already!

So the winner, Letmelive intends to share her prize with purgatory, as they helped find the solutions, and now has a special relationship with Chris Brown. We at The Buzz congratulate letmelive on her expert skills on this cryptic puzzle, a very well done to everybody that managed to solve this and we hope you all enjoyed this competition! Be sure to keep reading and look out for the next instalment!