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The Crew System: A cruise to the top or a wait for the wipe. Sulphur

Welcome to my first article for the Bootleggers Buzz. This centres around the crew system, the opinions of those who use it and their suggestions of how to improve it in the future.

We have seen many entire crew wipes recently by just a few players some of which lasting for less than an hour. The witness statements are searched for and those found to be responsible killed as quickly as possible. In this scenario, where a crew is wiped by a few crew-less accounts, the real losers are those in the crew. If the crew drops they lose all the money in the crew bank, any properties owned by crew, not to mention the numerous Legendary Godfather and Don+ accounts that will be lost.

This sort of loss has been questioned by many within the crews as, in reality, it would probably take more than 2 Dons to kill 40+ people. The general feeling is that being on the crew stats, although it has some small benefits, does not provide the type of benefit that many would like to see as you disadvantage yourself by showing the wider community exactly who is in your crew.

I asked some players who are in crews what they thought of being on the stats:

The crew system is improving every year.
I think I will not be the only one who says this, but being a crew on the stats is actually a very dangerous thing. Everyone can see you, and knows exactly who to shoot to make the crew drop.
MissVanish said
- Boss of Mafia Animals.

Crew's need a real shake up, its a great disadvantage to be a stats crew these days, there is hardly any protection for them from ug shooters.
Tyn said
- Council of Event Horizon

These both reinforce the point above that being on the stats might not provide the bonuses to justify paying to stay there. So what do you get from being on the stats?

Whilst you do get cheaper protection, cheaper guns and a private crew forum that is about where the benefits end. For a crew spot with 50 members (which is what most crews on the stats are) a daily crew tax of $500,000 must be paid. This is a lot for the few benefits you do receive. Indeed, in order to upgrade your crew to 50 members you already need to pay a large one off fee.

A crew spot atm is nothing more than an extremely high priced extra forum. There are little to no benefits to the members. As family was important part of mafia, crews should be important part of BL.
MissBettyB said
- Boss of Event Horizon

So with all of these issues regarding the crew system, what would the members of crews like to see in the upcoming update mentioned in BSF2000's 2000 characters?

From my experience of being in a crew I would like to see some of the following changes being made:

- Firstly, some of the general crew positions (which are adopted by most crews) formalised so that you could actually select who your underbosses were, council members and recruiter etc.
- Get either cheaper or faster private detectives
- Formalise the division of crew tax. Have a set amount which each member has to pay formally instead of just donations to the crew bank.

I asked several members of different crews what they would like to see as they will be the ones who have to use the system again.

I would like to see the return of safe houses and establishments, perhaps with the option to rent them out so people can lay low while the heat is on. There have been a few post in the GF which have had some good ideas in them.
Bukaw said
- Boss of Zombie Campaign

Well the system now is cool but it need some changes like we would like to have a crew msg so we can send botmails to all the members at once we need badly
second we would like to see more option in the crew panel like take our money from the crew bank cuz its already urs why can't we take it out use it .
TheUnderTaker said
- Boss of Death Valley

It'd be cool to see stuff like crew's being able to own other property such as a scrap yard where one could convert cars into either bullets or cash. It'd also be good if crews were given some sort of advantage. Like in the old system when crew members would be dragged into shootouts. Something like that would help make being in a crew slightly more useful then it is right now.
FrankCostello said
- Member of Axteze

I started a new crew this round called The Chain Gang, we selected this name, because our original 15 members were near enough all friends I had originally met through busting.

We quickly had lots of interest from other players about either joining or visiting our spot, so we thought we would work towards an upgrade.

I am writing this now that we have upgraded and currently our crew spot holds over 40 permanent members. Mission accomplished..... And this herein lies the problems with crews in my opinion, What do we aim for now?

Another upgrade is unrealistic due to the amount of crews on the stats, and the disproportion of now crewless players. Buying a BF is near enough the only goal a crew can have, but that is not the ethos that our particular crew was founded upon.
FlameS said
- Boss of The Chain Gang

what bothered me as a crew boss, was the fact that I couldn't place my own money in the crew bank. This is very difficult in the beginning of starting your own crew. There is no money in the crew bank, but the crew tax demands 150k a day. So if the crew boss wants to pay this with his own money : not possible.
Maybe it should be possible too for non-member players to give a donation to a crew?
MissVanish said
- Boss of Mafia Animals

One idea I put forward was to help against mass wipes, was a WS sort of system when someone is searching for a number of people.

So if someone is only searching 1 person, the word wouldn't get out, however the more and more people you search, a word gets out among random players that they "hear that {username} is hiring a lot of private detectives!" or words to that affect. It needs work but it would be a start to help protect stats crews. Thats alone wouldn't be enough though, there is definitely a re-shape needed for crews.
Tyn said
- Council of Event Horizon

Indeed, Event Horizon has put forward it's view in one of FlameS Hot Topic articles which include many of the suggestions made above.

[quote= Anonymous]The only big thing I don't like is there is no way to withdraw money from the crew bank.

And somehow I would love to see in which state everyone is. A way to defend crew mates in shoot outs to profile the advantage of a crew.

Also a forum keeper option so more people can edit the forum.[/quote]

It is quite clear that those in the crews are not particularly happy with the crew system as it stands currently. The suggestions for the updates are as follows:

- Being able to extract or add money to the crew bank.
- Formalisation of Crew positions (Underboss, Council, recruiter etc)
- The return or update of properties such as safe houses.
- Allowing other members to have some of the same abilities as the crew boss (kick etc).
- Defence against entire crew wipes by a small number of shooters.
- Add more goals to having a crew.
- Make crews a bigger part of Bootleggers as a whole as they are in real mafia situations.
- Other ways of creating bullets (FrankCostello's example of scrap shops).

Whilst the crew system currently does a fair job of the crew system that we have in Bootleggers there are indeed updates that those who use this system the most would like to see.

Whether or not these updates will be a part of the upcoming crew system updates I cannot say but what I do know is that we would be much more satisfied if some or all of these suggestions were addressed.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Feel free to post your views of the crew system below, I would love to hear them.