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Euro 2012 The Finale powerbear

Firstly my apologies for not being organised enough to ask your opinions on the final, this is due to my terrible time management.

However, I am going to share with you your opinions on the semi finals and actually am in a position to compare this with the outcome of the games.

Starting with the first semi final, this was the game between Portugal vs Spain. Of those that voted, there was a 50-50 voters split as to who was going to win. Eventually, Spain won after an arduous game, progressing into the final.

For the second semi final, between Germany and Italy, Only one person correctly predicted Italy to win this game. Well done to them! Though, they also predicted Portugal to beat Spain.

For the most exciting quarter final to watch, Italy vs England was voted as the most exciting. Also key to note, Greece vs Germany was the only other game to receive a vote.

Best player of the quarter finals, as voted by you is Italian Andrea Pirlo.

The worst player of the quarter finals, unsurprisingly in my opinion is English man Wayne Rooney.

Here's an odd situation, for the overall winner, everybody predicted either Germany or Portugal to win, except one person. So, as these two teams were knocked out, we are left with one vote for Italy predicted to win!

To sum up, not a lot really happened in the quarter finals, no unexpected results, however the semi finals, like the group stages. Portugal and Germany leave us with Italy and Spain in the final.

Most comments about the European Championship are mentioning how boring it has been so far. Let's hope it's all leading up to a heart racing final!