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Here is a new monthly column rounding off the previous months major sports across the world. As sport is a major topic, there is no way I can possibly cover everything, as this is a new idea, expect it to change and evolve.

First of all to be covered is the Formula 1 racing. Within the last month, we've had the Canadian and European Grand Prix. This section is going to focus on the European race held in Valencia, as the Canadian Grand Prix was a few weeks ago and rather difficult to obtain opinions on. The fastest lap was set by Nico Rosberg at 1:42.163 and won by Spaniard Fernando Alonso. British Lewis Hamilton crashed out on the penultimate lap, causing him to miss out on a podium finish.
We caught up with CookyPuss for his opinions on the race however he didn't catch the start, though watched from about the 30th lap. In his opinion, it was an interesting race. He also thinks Hamilton should have left some room, he was always going to be over taken. Also adding it was a shame both Vettel's and Grosjean's cars stopped working.
MarkWebberII also gave his opinion. He thought Grosjean, Vettel did well. Schumi, Webber and Rosberg had a nice end strategy. Alonso was the best driver of this weekend. Button was terrible once more, he seriously needs to up his game. Furthermore Kobayashi lived up his name of kamikaze driver. Hamilton's crash however, in his opinion, it was Maldonado's fault. Though accepted Hamilton's tyres were damaged, so Maldonado would have passed him anyway. MarkWebberII also added a congratulations to Force India on their fifth and sixth place finishes.

The next sport being covered in this story is the Tour de France. This is an annual cycle race held in France, covering about 2000 miles (3,200km) which started yesterday and lasts until 22 July.
We approached RealSphinx asking his evaluation on the upcoming tournament.
This is what he had to say. "Well, two major contenders are out of it. Andy Schleck is out of it with an injury, and Contador is suspended. I would have put them in the top 3 in terms on chances of winning, despite the lack of big mountain stages this year. So I'd probably say Cadel Evans stands a good shot at repeating his win, I also think Bradley Wiggins can put up a fight. Other than that there's a lot of good riders who suit this course."
We also asked what his favourite stage was. "Favourite stage? Probably stage 16. It's right after a rest day, it has the Col Du Tourmalet climb in it, so there will most likely going to be a lot of attacks on this day and it may well decide the winner of the whole thing. I can foresee many main contenders attacking on this day so they can gain a suitable advantage going into the following hilly day and the stage 19 time trial."

As there is already another topic for the Euros, I'll leave that there! However in the past month, fixtures have been announced across Europe including the English Premier League and Dutch Eredivisie. We approached a few people for their opinions on these fixtures.
Firstly Liverpool fan Kuklinski shared his thoughts on Liverpool's opening games. "I don't know why but we always seem to have a difficult start to the season, this being one of the most difficult in a while. Three out of the first five games include teams that finished in the top four last year, including last years title winners Manchester City, how unlucky is that? In my opinion, in today's premier league, if you want to have a good season, it is vital that you start well, and with City, Arsenal and United to play, I know it will be tough. That being said, I'm confident that we can achieve what needs to be achieved, I would be happy with 8-10 points from the first 5 games, anything below that will be a joke."
Dutch RaggleTaggleGypsy is a PSV fan. When asked his opinions on their opening fixtures "For PSV I don't see much trouble in the first matches. They are playing RKC, Roda JC and FC Groningen. Should not be too hard for a team like PSV. Although they did lose the match against RKC last year in the last bit of the season. That was the match were they completely lost track of the title. I think the first difficult match is going to be against AZ on the 2nd of September."

On the 28th of June, the NBA draft took place, for those of you that do not know what this is, National Basketball Association (NBA) teams take turns in selecting amateur college basketball players and other eligible players. This was the first time two players were selected from the same school and six players, a new record, were selected from one single school. We asked 7omhoog his opinion on the draft. He thinks the New Orleans Hornets will be play off contenders this year and Jared Sullinger will blossom into a starlet for the Boston Celtics. As you might have guessed, he's a Celtics fan, though admits he will be following Hornets with a keen eye. Austin Rivers is under rated in his eye and hopes the Hornets play him.
Michael Kidd Gilchrist, known also simply as MKG, is predicted by 7omhoog to be a let down, though expects great things from the Miami Heat team.

Thanks for reading, every time I write this, I'll try to report on different sports, so if you want me to report on Hockey or Rugby, for example, drop me a message, I'll try!