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Welcome to my first ever Buzz article! Writing for the Buzz is not something I ever thought I would do, I was approached and asked if I would be willing to contribute to the Buzz in an effort to make it more entertaining for all the BLers out there to read. After giving it a lot of thought, and asking opinions of my crew I figured I would give it a try, nothing to lose so why not! I may not contribute every week, however I will do my best to get an article out for you all as often as I can.

I’m supposed to be providing my point of view on the happenings of the past week, however the week has, for the most part, been a quiet one. After a bit of thought, I figured my first article would be my opinion on the way the witness statement system currently works.

This past week one member of EH was shot; the shooter did not shoot more than 1 person so finding a proper witness statement has been pretty much like beating a dead horse. I’ve seen 3 witness statements with 3 different shooters and the WS with the highest percent of being correct (98%) had a thug shooter which is pretty difficult to believe when it was a GF account that was shot and the new shooting system doesn’t make it easy for newer accounts to be able to shoot. Searching for a correct witness statement is enough to make you want to bang your head on your desk, honestly.

I wouldn’t have an issue with the current witness statement system if there was some reason to it however there doesn’t seem to be any reason for the percent shown on the witness statements. We should be able to trust that the higher percent witness statements are correct, alas we cannot and that just sucks moose nuts. Shouldn’t the witness statement system be a bit more user friendly? How do you know who to get your revenge upon? Is this supposed to encourage more shooting or just make people shy away from shooting at all as they don’t want to shoot the wrong person?

Maybe someone can shed some light upon the proper way to look at and use the witness statements, clear things up for me (and a lot of you). Or maybe, someone out there can actually fix the witness statement system as I believe it to be yet one more thing in BL that’s slightly off.