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That Is Just Rank! Stitch

With the second State Don of the round emerging in the previous week. I took the time to question the ranking system this round. Is it really worth all that effort to be made into one of the biggest targets on the game? Is the current ranking system suitable for the user base Bootleggers currently maintains, or should it be made easier to rank up? I quizzed the community and included my own opinion to bring you this feature article!

Admittedly, the State Don rank had been broken for a large part of this round, not helping towards the lack of people able to achieve it. However, with many underground crews gunning for any potential shooters, and that thus resulting in many crewless users dying in massacres of the innocent, surely ranking and its value must be questioned? If you are a user who does not wish to be apart of crew, or a loudmouth forum whore, or someone in the spotlight, why should you be effectively penalized for this, as it has to be said is currently often the case? This is of course offset by the fact that updates are being promised thick and fast, a small one regarding ranking is due, as is an edit to the current crew system which involves the kill system as well. But with so many promises and none yet to materialize, should a stop gap be put in place?

It has to be said that as is often the case, the community rallied to support the current rank system when questioned in the forum, and those who had previously questioned it fell silent. However, the fact, in my opinion, that the questions needed to be proposed in the first place is an issue. The dominance of crews such as Asura and Most Wanted in this round is plain for all to see. It is a credit to how they are run, and the resourceful and dedicated nature of their members. But should such crews be able to dominate and virtually dictate which ranks people are able to achieve in the way they so often do? An issue looked at previously by our own writer Sodium.

The truth of the matter is that if you want to do two organized crimes a day, and a few crimes and auto burglaries to boot, you can achieve ranks in a reasonable time frame. However with the current targeting system, blatant need for a crew overhaul, and huge gulfs between ranks such as Don and Respectable Don, I think it is clear that work needs to be done. The user base for Bootleggers is declining in its numbers for all to see, showing no signs of halting without these proposed updates occurring, how long will BSF2000 continue to delay? The community who continue to support this game are losing what little faith remains, the knock-on effects of which must surely act as a wake-up call soon? The implementation of Sky to the Moderator team has been a welcome one by most, but when you look behind it all, what major difference has it made? We all appreciate what Sky and the other Moderators do in terms of dedicating their time to the game, and his personal efforts have been welcomed, however what major changes have we seen of late? Graphical changes? A new point item. But what's changed?

What seems to be the story of every round gone by, it promised updates that we await in order to change the flow and structure of this round. Crews are an expensive hitlist, often fueled by only the ego of glitz and glam bosses. Powerful underground crews who many don't even understand are constantly vying for overall control of the round. Meanwhile the average player cannot rank past Godfather whilst having a boring profile without being suspected of being a banker or shooter. Yet we wonder why the user base is in constant decline?

Moving back towards my original subject of the possible editing of the current ranking system. It would appear most are not in favor of such a move, however it is generally agreed that there are tweeks to be made to the system. Why should it take the same amount of effort to rank from Scum to Don, as Don to Respectable Don? It's madness in parts, with solid structure in others. Should there be greater reward for reaching the heights of say, State Don? All points to be considered and discussed in the future and for years to come, for sure!

To conclude this article, I think it is clear there will always be issues that people may complain about. As was famously once said, "You can please some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot please all of the people all of the time." I do not believe there is a more fitting quote to end this article on. Work needs to be done, no question. When will it be done? With BSF2000 providing promises of time expectancy in his two thousand character article in the previous weeks Buzz, the community now wait to see if those promises can be kept. We wait in hope!