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Omega Soldiers: Wiped! Stitch

The silence of a dreary and slow week was shattered by the sound of piercing rounds, as Omega Soldiers, the most recent venture of double act Yazoo and Coastie were wiped from the Statistics by a single shooter by the name of WiiU. A calculated and swift attack that was quickly over and left no member standing, dropping the crew spot and paving the way for WiiU to create his own crew, known as Fernando Torres Fan Club.

Despite previously telling us they would not be speaking to the Buzz regarding future articles, we did attempt to get in contact with Yazoo or Coastie but it proved fruitless with the pair apparently operating from underground now. We did however steal a word with Mr_Chunky, council of Omega Soldiers, who told us, "WiiU wouldn't not take claim for the wipe. We have out suspicions who it is and by not taking claim to the shootings it shows us they are still to weak for a war." A message for perhaps whomever WiiU shot for? We watch for developments on this potential new feud.

We got in contact with WiiU, to see what lead to the attack, the future implications it may have and further to that, the plans for this new found crew and it proved to be an interesting session! We kicked off the interview by asking him the reasons behind the shootings, he told us, "They've been insulting the one and only hero of our time, so they all had to die for their blasphemy." Going on to tell us this hero he refers to was in fact Fernando Torres! Many football fanatics may question the heroic nature of Torres in his current form and situation, however that is a topic for The Sun, and one which I will avoid commenting on!

We went on to ask WiiU how he had acquired his information, to which he responded, "Heard it through the grapevine and from anonymous sources." One must wonder who these sources are, but with nothing revealed, it will remain just a wonder!

Having identified that this was not WiiU's first account of the round, we asked who he was before. He told us he had previously been known as Shlomo, an account which again seemed to be a relatively unknown entity. Our next question was whether WiiU claimed to be connected to any group, or shot on behalf of an already formed crew. He told us, "Nobody provided points, bullets or money for me. It was all me." Perhaps avoiding the question of his possible connections, but nevertheless an impressive shooting. When questioned what the outlay had been to achieve the wipe, he answered, "I had about 250k bullets, searches cost about 40 mill I'm guessing and I used about 15k points, maybe a bit less." So far from cheap, but appearing to send the desired message to Omega Soldiers!

We concluded our interview by questioning WiiU on his future intentions, and asking if he has any message to send to the Bosses of Omega Soldiers. To which he replied, "Not really, they're weird." Continuing, "Yes. Fernando Torres will be back and better than ever, sooner than you might think." A teaser for the reader of this article then! With Torres not providing any glittering hatricks in his current role, it appears supporters of the player have taken to Bootleggers to save his name. The question is, who might be next? Stay tuned!