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A Real Enemy Of The State?! Typhoon

When Omega Soldiers were wiped of the statistics, their bullet factory in Pennsylvania was still in their ownership. Unfortunately, that didn't last very long. Enemy of the State saw a fancy opportunity and decided to claim the bullet factory. We contacted Stow_General4 (Stow), boss of [Enemy of the State and EX-Buzz Writer for an interview. We asked him why he claimed the bullet factory in Pennsylvania, he replied: “We saw a bullet factory that they clearly didn't have the resources to defend so we stepped in took over ownership of it. I mean it is a dog eat dog world out there.”

Enemy of the State expected retaliation from Omega Soldiers and tried to prevent this by sending out warnings to Omega Soldiers. They stated that they just took the bullet factory and that it was nothing personal. Unfortunately Omega Soldiers reacted by shooting more than half of the players of Enemy of the State, including the owner of Pennsylvania bullet factory and the owner of the Illinois bullet factory, the other bullet factory of Enemy of the State. Omega Soldiers was also able to shoot Westfalia, our former Illinois State Don.

It is very clear that Enemy of the State will take all necessary action to retain the ownership of these bullet factories, because even the friendship between Yaz and Stow didn’t stop Enemy of the State from killing all those who stood in their way. We asked Stow if he wanted to add anything to the interview. His reaction was shocking: “Yaz, You made this into a huge issue and drew first blood. For that you signed your own death certificate. Good luck with UG.”

For now it seems that both the Pennsylvania Bullet Factory and the Illinois Bullet Factory will belong to Enemy of the State, but as it always goes with such high value property, things can quickly change. Who knows what will happen next, with Enemy of the State recovering quickly with their newly gained assets and Omega Soldiers are watching them from the underground. In case something happens, we will definitely let you know in the next Bootleggers Buzz!