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Community Picks: Strategic! Stitch

Hello and welcome to this, the first in what I hope will be a successful new series of articles, brought to you through suggestions straight from the heart of the community. In this weeks edition, our topic comes from Accusavo. The round has been developing thick and fast so far, with certain crews dominating and others still finding their feet. Individuals have flourished and others floundered. But the question we ask this week, is, do the players who currently top the lists of most successful players have strategies when it comes to the game, or are they just lucky?

How does one go about establishing whether strategy really works, other than talking to people who have been around long enough to of seen pretty much everything there is to see? Well, we did just that, as we caught up with Youn, a player who, as many of you will be aware, has been around quite some time. Having headed up outfits such as The Spartan Warriors and now finding himself on the Help Desk, who better to ask?

We began our interview with Youn by asking him what he thought of the use of strategy within the game and whether he himself used one. He told us, "I've never been much of a planner, meaning strategizing usually comes down to just adapting to whatever play style i want/need to be playing at that moment. This varies from stocking up as UG shooter, running a stats crew, running an UG crew, etc. I think I can say I tried it all in the past." Obviously strategy and planning must be adapted according to your goals and ambitions on the game. But surely, planning and having an idea of what you would like to achieve in stages can have no harm to your success?

But do strategies work? Or is the game largely based on luck? We put this to Youn, who said, "They can definatly work. The biggest factor is the multiplayer aspect of the game of course. You can stratigize all you want but in the end you will usually depend on other people." Continuing to say, "One example that comes to mind is when we (The Spartan Warriors) decided to run a sub crew ages ago. The majority was in favor and we made some plans on how to do this. It was pretty sweet in theory, but the people who where made responsible just lost interest and the whole idea turned out badly." So clearly the use of strategy can be effective. There are numerous example you could even give in the current round. However one key to this is maintenance and consistency of these strategies and also the social aspect of the game. Things are only made easier by knowing the right people and being able to call on them for the right things. A highlight of the importance of the social aspect of the game!

An obvious next port of call was the new players of the game. How should they adapt to the game at first, and should they be using strategy? Youn said, "I guess that's part of the game, building up a network can be tricky for new players. I don't think that's unfair though, you can't expect people to treat you the same way as long time friends which they have been playing with for years. Making friends is something that usually takes some time." Of course, a new player cannot expect to have the same network and associates as a veteran. Integrating with the community and forming partnerships is key to success, but this does depend on the ultimate goal of the player. But can the harsh nature of some users put off newcomers from persisting in their development? Youn reacted, "I don't think new players join the game and work out their strategy right away anyway. They usually spend some time exploring and learning the game, which, gives them time to socialize aswell." Continuing, "So to get back at your question, it might be a disadventage, but I dont think the majority of the new players experience this as a problem." So not an issue, but an acknowledgement of the key areas of improving your game as a player!

So in terms of new starters, how would Youn recommend they go about their own strategy? He told us, "My advice to any new players would be to just stick to the basic stuff. Try to OC as often as possible, do your crimes and GTA's and bank your money every day. It might be a bit slow to get yourself started but just have patience." Patience is certainly a huge aspect of success and one that many fail to negotiate. However where users have been able to adhere to the virtue of patience, the rewards and benefits can be there for all to see. Particularly in the early stages of a round.

My next question regarded the Gym feature of the game. With the development of this feature, and it leading to it playing a key role in the path a user may take in terms of what levels they choose to gain, I asked Youn how influential he felt this feature is. He responded, "The gym can definatly play a part on this, it's pretty timeconsuming to level all stats, so it's definitely recommended to plan ahead and just go with the stat you're going to need the most." An agreement then, that despite its time-consuming nature, that the Gym can be a big factor in any accounts direction.

Having established the uses and types of strategy that can be used, we then took the time to ask Youn whom he thought had been the most successful strategy users of the round so far. He left us in no doubt, saying, "I think I'll have to go with Asura. They have set a goal to dominate and 'win' this round, it's going to take a fair bit of strategy to do what do have been doing so far, so that'll be my choice." Indeed a likely choice, with Asura setting clear goals in this round and going about achieving them in no uncertain terms, there were few other contenders!

That concluded our time with Youn. So strategy is certainly something which can be used, and if in the correct manner, extremely effectively. Networking and socialising may be something some users are adverse to, but that too can be extremely important in its contribution to success. Will this be changing your strategy? Or will you now be adopting one? That is of course up to you!

I hope you have enjoyed this first edition of my 'Community Picks' series. I look forward to taking your suggestions for next weeks edition. Stay tuned into the Game Forum to see when the topic goes up!