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Anticipating your Achievements Stitch

Last weeks Buzz saw BSF2000 provide us with another installment of his 2,000 character series of articles. This most recent edition however provided with talk of updates and even some promise dates! Achievements, a release anticipated to be seen for the first time this Monday is the nearest of these promises! But what do you expect to see from this update? Will it be on time? We asked the question to get the answers!

General reception regarding the proposed update was positive, with users looking forward to the potential it may bring. However, others questioned the update as a cosmetic smoke-screen, covering up the other updates such as casinos which have failed to be delivered in a reasonable time frame. These users view these 'easy' updates as crowd-pleasing time-wasters, that just divert attention from some of the flawed basics that are long overdue an update throughout the game!

However, focusing on the possibility of this update coming on Monday of the coming week, what would people like to see from Achievements as a feature? Wide consensus was that the update would bring to the game an equivalent of what many crews offer in medals for their members. With perhaps medals or images for achieving milestones in crimes, auto burglaries, organized crimes, etc. There has been no corresponding topic to allow the community to say what they may like to see set out in the achievements feature, therefore all we may do is speculate! Will being a crew boss suddenly be a coo? Perhaps having one thousand busts to your name could make you a millionaire? Who knows!

How this would be displayed or constructed remains to be seen, or perhaps unseen? The response generated from a Game Forum topic on this subject widely gave off a feeling of a lack of faith in BSF2000, suggesting that past promises have often been broken, and why should we start believing them now? Former Moderator Rod was one of those to sum this up, in the most ironic of fashions, saying it would be an achievement in itself for BSF2000 to make a deadline! There is only one way of seeing if this will once again be the case, and that is to wait and see.

The main question reverberated around the community was whether achievements would bring rewards alongside them. Similar to those users currently receive when ranking up, it was suggested that money, bullets and casino chips could be given for different stages of achievements.

As a whole, the reaction to this potential update has been positive, providing the users receive it, and on time! It could however prove a poor decision by BSF2000 to promise things on a certain date, as to miss this would result in a further lack of faith. Ratings would of course be boosted should it materialize on time. But there is only one thing that can be used to gauge this, and that is the coming Monday. Will you be able to reach for achievements on Monday? Or will you be left empty handed? Nobody can possibly know until the day comes about.