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Events on the Horizon! Stitch

The work of underground crew Asura has been allowed to continue relatively unchallenged this round, with most recent unveiled members Rusty and Harkal guilty of more than three hundred kills between them, many of those coming weeks after their original hits were carried out. This reflects upon the dominance of the crew, along with The Family, who continue to fire at will when needed. Often causing collateral damage when they do so. However the accounts previously mentioned met their end at the hands of Cloudkicker during this week, as he took aim and fired upon them along with several other accounts. He was swiftly dealt with, presumably as a consequence of his actions. But what had fuelled these shootings? To whom did we owe this saving grace of a momentary pause in Asura dominance? We set to work establishing the facts and more!

First up, we got in contact with Cloudlicker, new account of shooter Cloudkicker. What had fuelled these shootings, we asked, to which he responded, "I bought a lot of bullets and needed to use them. Seemed only fitting that I could easily target Asura as I had shot Ravage from Cloudkicker too. So I hit Harkal and Rusty and several other accounts deemed suspicious." So it seemed that the kills were made purely for self-indulgence and not linked to anything else. We dug a little deeper, asking how Cloudlicker had gone about establishing who was suspicious and who wasn't, to which he said, "The usual, really. High rank/low message count/lack of much of a profile. They weren't on a safe list." The mention of a safe list, often suggests the involvement of a crew. However before following this lead, we asked if Cloudlicker had taken note of the damages his kills resulting in. He had done, claiming, "Yeah, sure did. About 300 mil and 1.6 mil bullets were dropped." An impressive amount for the relatively small body-count.

We continued by asking Cloudlicker if he had represented any group or crew in the shootings, to which he replied, "Nah, I'm a lone shooter." This was contrary to rumours circulating in Buzz circles, which were rife with crew names. We continued to press this subject, questioning if the kills had been funded by Event Horizon, a crew not seen on the stats for some time but whom still operate in one way or another. This prompted an interesting answer from Cloudlicker, as he said, "No comment! Do you have any other questions for me? I need to go back to sleep for a while." The phrase no comment in the eyes of most reporters would equate to a yes. This in addition to a sudden need for a nap, meant that we were keen to further investigate this alleged involvement. We therefore brought our interview with Cloudlicker to a close, and then sought out BettyBWatching, Boss of Event Horizon, to see what she had to say on the matter.

BettyBWatching was at first at a loose end as to why we might be contacting her for an interview, however once we began questioning Event Horizon's involvement in the shootings, she told us, "EH helped to fund his purchase of guns, bullets, and the searches." But what had lead to Event Horizon funding the shootings we asked, Betty continued by saying, "Unfortunately, those who were EH members are constantly killed and not allowed to rank up unless they are UG. And even then, with all the random shootings they have chance to be killed. I dislike killing random accts, however, if it keeps the people who were EH alive a bit longer, I will help fund people who wish to shoot." So while many sit and accept the dominance of crews such as Asura and The Family, others make a stand and it appears Event Horizon are one of the groups willing to fight.

We continued our interview, with BettyBWatching telling us, "Not going to distance myself at all, if Asura and/or The Family were hit in the shootings then helping fund Cloudkicker was worth every bit of money and points spent. What I dislike is that innocent people were also hit. Asura and The Family shoot innocent people all the time and no one stand up to them, shoots them back, that confuses me. Lol!" It is difficult to argue against her point, with so many losing so much to the underground shooter, but it being seemingly easy to identify them if you look hard enough, why have others not stood to be counted in numbers? Does it show laziness or fear. Many just quit. But perhaps this recent showing will begin a change in the tide, one which is prepared to resist! BettyBWatching was bullish in continuing on this subject, telling us, "Asura and The Family already dominate the game. If you aren't on their safe list you are nothing more than a target and good luck with ranking past GF... It is only going to get worse as long as people don't stand up to them."

So what of Event Horizon? Where do they currently stand, and what can we expect to see of them in the future? When asked if they are a symbol of the future resistance against underground shooters looking to dominate the game, BettyBWatching was again frank in her response, saying, "Nope, not at all,EH wouldn't want that responsibility. We helped fund Cloudkicker to see what he could do and to help him have some fun." She continued on the subject of Event Horizon and a possible return by telling us, "As long as the game is in it's current state Event Horizon won't go back on stats, if they did they would be shot within days, seems a waste of time if you ask me." An honest assessment of the current situation from the Event Horizon Boss. So a return may be unlikely, but BettyBWatching did tell us that in terms of Event Horizon, "There is a core of loyal people around."

We finished our interview with BettyBWatching on a lighter note, as she said, "Don't shoot me yet, I have run out of names." A last gasp plea from the Boss lady of Event Horizon. As she anticipates the mere publishing of this article will lead to her death! Asura and The Family continue to dominate the round, nothing seems set to change. But with the example funded by Event Horizon this week, it shows there is still resistance. Who will be the next to break rank and fight back? Who knows, but what you can be sure of, is that the Buzz will be there to cover it!