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Behind the Name: ProfOak Stitch

This weeks Behind the Name took us to the door of Decadence, as we sought out an interview with their crew Recruiter ProfOak. A Bootleggers veteran, as he told of how he started almost 9 years ago, saying, “I started playing in April 2004 so that's a long time ago. I was playing another text based maffia game which had basic features and wasn't as developed as bootleggers at the time unless you payed for it. So I switched to Bootleggers.” It seems long ago since Bootleggers was last able to draw players from other games due to its advances, but it underlines ProfOak’s time on the game as having been a long one!

Moving away from Bootleggers, we began to ask what ProfOak liked to get up to with his time outside of the game. He told us, “I just got married a few weeks ago and I'm making a baby room now because there's holiday in the Netherlands. I'm a school teacher so I get all these free weeks off.” A perk of the job certainly, I think many reading will agree not too many would turn down having the same time off a teacher receives. But what exactly was ProfOak teaching? Surely not a pokemon lesson? He set us straight, telling us, “Thanks! I'm an English teacher. Just finished my master degree so I really enjoy it.”

Steering the course of the conversation back to Bootleggers, we enquired as to what ProfOak believed had been his greatest game based achievement to date. He was in no doubt, as he said, “My best achievement wasn’t in this round but previous round when i competed in a week bust competition with the nation don and won at don rank. Busting wasn't so big back then but still meant quite a bit to me. After that it's probably that I’m part of Decadence.” So a Busting based achievement which seems to be a common theme running among our subjects for Behind the Name. But let’s face it, beating someone of higher rank at anything is always a nice feeling!

We continued along the crew lines, as we asked what ProfOak’s future goals and ambitions would be. He kept it short and sweet, basing them all in this round, saying, “I don’t have a lot of goals set except for keeping Decadence on the stats no matter what it takes their great people and I love them.” A warming statement as ProfOak outlines his love for the crew he recruits for.

Concluding our interview, we fired quick favourite questions at ProfOak, finding out the things he likes most, his favourite food proved an easy one, as he said, “Afghan food my wife’s Afghan and she’s the best cook in the whole world so I enjoy my everyday meals.” Surely having a good cook around the house can never be a bad thing, and we presume this is genuine as his wife cannot see this interview, so it’s not even a pretend gratitude for the ladies cooking! We moved from food to film next as ProfOak told us his favourite film, “A haunted house it just released in the Netherlands and it is awesome.” A strong recommendation there, and one which may see any Dutch readers of this article scurrying to the cinema to catch a good film!

That brought an end to our interview with ProfOak. We would like to thank him for his time, and congratulate him on his recent wedding while wishing him every success as an English teacher! Who will feature in next weeks Behind the Name? Perhaps it could be you!