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Crew Update Column TheWridged

Previous week we read BSF2000 giving us a time table for the coming updates. Lots of player have been waiting for these updates, seeing that these will significantly change the game. The update I will focus on in this article is the renewing of the crew feature. Ever since crews have been on the stats, only slight adjustments have been made to the feature. Looking at the current crew system, having a crew mainly has disadvantages; tax has to be paid every single day, just so you can be out in the open for shooters.

Instead of summing up all cons, let's look at the bright side. What advantages does a crew currently bring? To be honest very few! First of all it allows you to have a private forum on the game. Secondly being in an ‘on the stats’ crew makes it easier for you to see the other members, therefore it’s easier to interact with them. Also a crew boss is able to send out a mass message (a message to all members of the crew). Finally, crew bosses can purchase guns and protection in batches so they are cheaper than individual purchases. Some of you might agree with me that these advantages are hardly worth the time and money it takes to maintain a crew, not to think of all the disadvantages running one brings. Is it possible to change it in a way that there will be less downsides and more upsides? I’d say yes, although this will also increase the popularity of the crew spots and therefore will result in more shootings.

Basically, the idea of being in a crew is working together and make the game easier that way. After some updates this can be done in various ways; from funds to crimes, from busts to messaging, and so on. I will now share my idea of how it could be done with you. Let me start with organized crimes. Currently there is no difference between a normal and a crew oc. When there is a list of crewmates that are available to participate in an organized crime, more crew organized crimes will be done. But the real advantage would be that the countdown timer of a member is being shortened with one hour in the case where 2 members participate in the same organized crime. Other timers will be adjusted as well: traveling for example will be possible every hour. When a member is on the train station owned by his/her crew, they always have immediate travel.

When we look at a crew’s strength it has a big disadvantage compared to underground crews; (most of) the members are shown on one page. This should be compensated in other features. In my opinion crew members should be able to have a lower timer for buying bullets, just as gymnasium, making it easier to increase both offense and defense. Enabling crew members to share their bullets will increase the team play. More members will stock bullets, even though they will not be using the bullets themselves. Just like bullets, sending money between two members will not incur a transfer fee.

At this point crews are not able to pick a state, but only a train station. Allowing them to pick a state, and receive a small percentage of all profits made in that state (crimes, sold cars, organized crime, etc), will increase the crew’s funding. Because there are more crews than states, this will result in shootings between crews. Of course there has to be one last update. Most of these updates have a factor that can fluctuate. This is perfect for making a difference between small sized, and bigger sized crews. The bigger your crew is, the more expensive it gets, but it will also increase the recourses you will receive in return.

I am convinced that when these updates have been done (or different updates, but in the same features) being in a crew has more advantages. Looking forward to the time, we will have to wait for this update to be released.