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Forum Post Of The Week TheWridged

This week there was only a few posts that had the potential of becoming this week’s ‘Forum post of the week’, yet there was only one that was unique enough to be shown in the Buzz. This week’s forum post was made by PistolOfWater! The reply was posted in ProfOaks topic: “Congratulations”.

In the topic the subject quickly changed to old-school, on which PistolOfWater responded with:

There's no school like the old school, and I'm the fucking headmaster!
PistolOfWater said

To this “hilarious” quote SkeggiTheCArrot quickly replied with a picture saying “this post gave me cancer”. As for you readers, do you think you could make an even more comical post than this? Then stay active in the forums and wait and see if you make it to next weeks Forum Post of the Week!