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Rebirth of The Enemy Daltonnnn

Last week we weren’t able to cover this due to unforeseen circumstances. The writer who had claimed this article still hasn’t been able to cover these events, so I decided I would take it upon myself to write it. PubllicEnemy deserves as much credit for the article as it was he who was granted the interviews needed to write this up.

This story begins with the attack of The Phoenix Rebellion against Enemy of The State. It had been OzamatazBuckshank, Ilovecankles and crew boss Shitney who were able to wipe their enemy off the statistics page. Most members of The Phoenix Rebellion weren’t aware of the attack, this combined with the fact that Shitney was going to retire once killed, resulted in many members leaving. The crew changed name and The Phoenix Rebellion seized to exist. The Phoenix Rebellion members were split up among several crews. Some being in Penance and some being in Jess Greenberg foundation, their old crew spot. It took up to a week for Enemy of The State to take revenge and it was a player by the name of werm who shot down most former The Phoenix Rebellion members. One of our writers caught up with Stow to answer a few questions regarding these events. We were also looking to have some light shed on the reason why it took so long for them getting revenge, because they should have plenty of resources to react immediately after an attack. Stow had this to say about the wait: "Apologies to all ETS members for the delayed shooting. My council and co boss wanted to shoot straight away but I wanted to wait. I was having some RL problems I wanted to deal with first. No way I wanted to miss this shooting".

During this shooting there was a total of 41 accounts shot and killed. All but 2 were former The Phoenix Rebellion members. However, some were spared. When Stow was questioned about why the other The Phoenix Rebellion members were spared he had this to say: "As far as I'm concerned we only let a few TPR members live. Some friends were friends. The others we let live were inactive and most likely dupes of current TPR members so don't be surprised if you see them suddenly return. The others we shot were basically in a crew spot we wanted to drop. Only the crew 'save the whales' did we shoot 2 extra accounts coz it seemed like an easy wipe". We then asked Stow if he foresaw any retaliation for the shooting when he replied: “Hmm well I guess so. I'd be surprised if there wasn't any. I said in the previous Buzz interview that Shitney won't retire. It's all bogus. I have my sources. Plans are in place for a retaliation. Guess it will be a game of tennis until TPR finally give up I suppose.”

After this interview with Stow, we went to the other side to have a talk with Shitney, ex crew boss of The Phoenix Rebellion. With her new account being StarShit we asked her what she thought about the assassinations on her former members, she had this to say: “This shooting was expected. Took a long time though for it to happen. Shows weakness to the bl community. My members knew this was coming. Some didn't like it, others stood by my side and died for The Phoenix Rebellion and were proud.”. When she said “shows weakness to the bl community” we wanted to know more about that statement, so we asked if she thinks this would have a real impact on Enemy of The State when she said: “Yes I do, unless they change the way they act and the way they work. ETS/Stow is known to be arrogant and talk. They love the attention in the forums, they also are very disrespectful. How long do you think the bl community will deal with a stats crew like that? I'm sure you have seen the posts in the GF.” We then went on and talk about the future of The Phoenix Rebellion. Shitney had previously stated on her profile that she was retiring from Bootleggers and that the crew seize to exist from then on. There were rumors that the whole retirement thing was just a ploy, also Stow said he was sure about this and that he had his sources. She replied: “I am retired and TPR is no longer. As for all my members I hope they have a great future in BL as they all are wonderful people. It is not a ploy. Stow likes to think so. He can go ahead and look for me if he would like. Seems like a waste of time in my mind. If I come back, maybe I will bring TPR back but that is undecided. If the members regroup and form a crew of their own, I would smile.”. At this point in the investigation I’m starting to wonder where this dispute between Stow and Shitney began, so I asked her about it. She then told me: “We were on good terms for a long time. It all started with who would get Padrino Palace's bf after they were wiped. He got mad because I wouldn't hand it over and he deleted me on Skype. Then all of a sudden he shot some people with his UG crew "Nation of Domination" and he knew how I felt about these people. So I took that as him severing our friendship as I believe anyone would.”

Note: It is rumored that Nation Of Domination is Stow's underground crew, however there is no connection but some believe it to be true. Stow and his members/ council deny the accusations.

After the talk we had with Shitney we went on with our story. It became clear that we were just waiting for the next thing to happen. At this point Enemy of The State is on the statistics and The Phoenix Rebellion is gone, the question being for how long. We didn’t have to wait very long for another shooting to occur, this time by the hand of Coldhearted, who was an underground shooter for The Phoenix Rebellion. He managed to wipe the crew off the statistics page and formed a crew of his own, called: StowAway. We contacted Coldhearted for a short interview regarding his shooting. He told us he wasn’t in the crew itself as a member, but outside the crew as an underground shooter. When Enemy of The State hit the statistics page, Coldhearted acted upon it to shoot the crew spot open again, and this time he created a crew of his own. He had this to share with the community: “People fearing Stow has made him feel like a legend. Their fear gave him strength. He loves the power too much and will continue this war. He's UG so innocent ETS members have to suffer. If he was a real leader, he'd come out and we could make the real culprit pay. I’m sorry to all ETS members. I just hope that people will wake up and realize he's a coward”. The crew StowAway hasn’t been around very long, after only a few hours Enemy of The State took revenge for the assassination of its members and re-claimed a crew spot on statistics. It was then when we caught up with him and asked him about his future plans when he replied: “I love how they shoot us then insult me like crazy to try make members doubt me and leave lol. Smart game they playing to shoot back. It's all a game of tennis remember that. They want members to leave but eventually they will give up. I think maybe they have 1 attack left”. When asking if he had anything else to add he said: “We just keep hitting the stats. TPR is almost broke, while we have shit loads. We should just keep talking and make them waste money, they won't succeed at having our members leave. It's all a game of tennis and a game that we will win.”

But what happened with the Bullet factories I hear you think. California and Colorado bullet factories have both been owned by The Phoenix Rebellion. Illinois and Pennsylvania bullet factories were owned by Enemy of The State. Cali&Colo are now owned by Designated Drinkers, Illi&Penny are owned by Suspect Zero. We at the Buzz contacted both crews and we discovered that the bullet factories once owned by The Phoenix Rebellion, are now owned by Designated Drinkers. They didn’t want to comment on how much they paid for it or how they otherwise managed to achieve owning them. As for the bullet factories owned by Enemy of The State, when looking at the states page, you’ll see Suspect Zero owning them. However, taking a closer look at the profile of the holder and it becomes clear that Enemy of The State is still in charge of their own bullet factories.

At the time of this writing Enemy of The State isn’t back on the statistics yet. When will they show their faces again with Stow being underground? Only time will tell. Perhaps they’re waiting for a spot to clear, or just saving up on resources to shoot one open. As for The Phoenix Rebellion, Shitney has retired and the crew won’t be back anytime soon. The members with phoenix blood still running through their veins have now scattered around in different crews on the statistics, calling it their new homes. Will this be the last we hear from The Phoenix Rebellion? Once again; only time can tell.

After writing this article, another event revolving Enemy of The State happend. Their bullet factories got shot for by the same crew who while doing this, also insided Save The Whales. I'm talking of course about The Imperium. They didn't last very long, after only 8 hours they wiped their crew, took back the bullet factories and regained a crew spot. Welcome back Enemy of The State!