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Column: What's your bullet count? PubllicEnemy

Since the beginning of the round, the bullet count of crew members has been one question which has remained a secret, that was until 2013-07-30 when an update was released which allowed crew bosses to be able to see their member's count. We at the Buzz decided to investigate these feature more, and it's impact on the Bootlegger community.

During our investigation, we interviewed many members of different crews to get their opinion on this. The pattern we seemed to stumble across was that that there were two type of people. On one side of the fence we had those that didn't pay any attention to this new update, "It doesn't bother me" and, "I'm not a shooter so doesn't matter."

However, on the other side, we had crew members confess they did not like the feature. One member that we spoke with that wanted to stay anonymous felt strongly about this feature. When questioned they explained, "I'm not a shooter. I like to have a nice stack of bullets on hand should I ever need them. You understand mate?" That member also refused to clarify whether s/he had any other affiliations or plans. This made us wonder if they did in fact other true goals they didn't want to share with us

Now moving on, we all remember the many shootings of those who were part of Jail Break Paradise who seemed to have used the crew to get to a high rank and then do mass shootings. Well the most recent shooter hiding within a crew was 2c_i,previously a member of Around the Corner Bar. 2c_i claimed to be part of a new crew, Murder Inc.. There are claims Murder Inc is in fact Event Horizon, using an alias due to fears they won't be taken seriously. Could this be because of the conflict with Event Horizon and The Family? In the past months, Event Horizon had been getting getting shot by The Family every time they entered the statistic so could this be a new plan to instal fear in their foes?

We weren't able to catch up with Event Horizon, but did we manage to contact the crew boss of Around The Corner Bar SGisback. We asked her for some insight on the event. When asked, "How was 2c_i overlooked for being a possible shooter with this feature in place?" she was quick to confirm that her crew is peaceful, however they never expected this out of any of their members. She said; "me and my co boss TheLoneWolf was watching his bullet count every day. We thought he was stocking up to do shooting for us if needed." Although Around The Corner Bar say they are peaceful, SGisback said; "crew threats are always happening you know! I never really thought he would do that. It shocked everyone!" Since the event, SGisback explained that there needed to be a change within the crew. The solution would be to limit how many bullets each member may have at a single time.

Is limiting the amount of bullets allowed per user in a crew a solution or a weakness? What are your thoughts? Should bullets be limited to prevent crew members going rogue? Are there any other possible solutions crew bosses could take that would prevent the crew being a target due to the actions of a lone member? We at the Buzz would love to hear from you and rest assured, we'll bring you all the latest should things further develop.