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Column: A look at the Omega life! Rob_Stark

This week we at the Buzz noticed an underground crew was recruiting, the Omega Soldiers. Not knowing a lot about this underground crew we did a little bit of research into how they opperate and what their goals are! We found it is quite an interesting crew with a unique playing style so wanted to share this with you!

We tracked down Yazoo, the crew boss, and had an interview with him about the crew. The first thing we asked was for him to explain the crews history, the how it was formed and who by! He told us, "Omega Soldiers was formed sometime around January 2013, myself and Jason (Coastie) were both active and I think we'd just disbanded 23rd Gunslinger Co, we had just had a war with Tactical Anarchy and Order, we won. I don't really remember what started the discussion of making another crew, but I think he wanted to quit and I persuaded him to stay and design another crew with me. We had many ideas of names and he opted for another miliatary styled crew, I think his first idea was Alpha Squadron, but I didn't really like the idea of the crew and suggested something Godly mixed with Military and we settled for Omega Soldiers."

We then asked him if he could explain the way his crew opperates and the goals of this underground crew. "I want Omega Soldiers to be just a leader and members with no other people who're higher than others. Each member is on the same level so they get to suggest goals and what we want to do. It's early days, so the goals are either stock to shoot, or build your own resources. We do not want to pressure people into rushing into things, or making people have targets which are too hard for people who're not used to doing these tasks."

But this wasn't quite as straight forward as it seems as the big twist to his crew was in its secrecy! We asked him about this as we had heard that his members don't know each other's identities on Bootleggers! "All applications and enquirys to join are secret, currently there are many statistical members applying because of this. When people have an application accepted they go through security checks, then they move onto the underground forums. On the underground forums the users have to use a nickname, either one they know by on Bootleggers (If they've suicided or are already underground) or they create a new nickname (if they decide to keep their current account)."

We then asked him what would happen if he had two players that hate each other in the game and they discover the identities of each other? His reply was, "They can only discover each others identities if another member decides to tell someone they're in Omega Soldiers or tells them their name, the only people who know the names are myself and Inqa. When we actually decide to go onto the statistics and there are two who hate each other, they will have to sort out their differences or both or one will have to leave. If they can't resolve their differences to be more helpful to the crew they're in then they're not exactly the person you'd want."

A unique playing style! Only time will tell how it works. We moved onto the all important question next, do they have any enemies or targets at this time? "Obviously Enemy of the State are an enemy, but to be fair they're not a threat and their existence doesn't bother me. The only reason I say they're an enemy is because 'Stow says' a lot of things to his members and they will all follow his lead which I'm sure will be to do anything against Omega Soldiers be it with Nation of Domination or Enemy of the State.

"Any crew, any person is a target we do not have allies and no limits. This is not a declaration of war on everyone, we are currently neutral."

So an interesting new crew with a unique style of playing the game and some strong opinions and goals. We asked him if he had any final comments and he told us, "Yes, any ex The Vanguard members, 23rd Gunslinger Co, Omega Soldiers or Rise of The Footsoldiers please contact me."

So there is a brief introduction into this Underground crew and its ideals! Hopefully this has enlightened some of you and we are sure that we will being seeing them pulling triggers at some point in the near future!