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Once Upon A Time Daltonnnn

At the home page of Bootleggers you have the possibility to read previous issues of the Bootleggers Buzz. Based on the great work of our previous writers, we present you a new weekly article; once upon a time. In this article we share some events which occurred exactly a few years ago. Ohhhhh, good times!

Once upon a time (six years ago):
  • A few killings resulted in a takeover of The Supremacy. Well, for 12 hours anyway.Crewspot got sold to The Finishing Touch.

Once upon a time (five years ago):
  • TDA's strength proves on through as they were attacked to what seemed to be more than one time.
  • The Black Horde reclaimed their spot on the Statistics after a long absence.
  • The Legends had been shot by Club Boogie & Special Guest: Sacra Corona Unita.
  • The Organized Crime feature received an update.

Once upon a time (four years ago):
  • The Deadly Alliance was attacked again, and this time the crew boss kicked everyone to prevent further losses. It was said The Syndicate was behind the attack, however this hadn’t been confirmed.
  • The Commision and Main Street both were insided. Main street because it had tied with Event Horizon. It was performed by 2 State Dons and the Nation Don.
  • The Invisibles attacked Mobb Figaz because they were housing members of Eternal Labyrinth, which were at that time an enemy of Mobb Figaz.

Once upon a time (three years ago):
  • Event Horizon was attacked by The Usual Suspects as a retaliation on a previous action.
  • The reincarnation of a radio station, no, not the Bootcast, but the MOOD station.
  • The Predators Elite, a crew with only a few accounts in it at the time, by Mags. Ex-Bootcast DJ.

Once Upon A Time (Two years ago):
  • No Buzz Issue.

Once Upon A Time (One year ago):
  • Event Horizon’s seventh birthday!
  • Not much else has happened.