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A random shooting by Most Wanted Daltonnnn

Hey there, seems you just shot a bunch of crewless boss+ accounts. Have you perhaps got the time for an interview with the Buzz?
Yeah, I could answer a couple of questions.

Great! So, we can already see on your profile that you're a Most Wanted shooter. 38 kills, no failed. All crewless respectable boss+ accounts, a lot of higher ranks. What was the reason for shooting these specific accounts, next to having little bootmails and short/dull profiles?
Most of the accounts were picked out randomly, low message counts and crappy profiles usually mean they are trying not to be seen. Other than that, there was no real reason other than taking out potential threats to our resources.

Did you have any inside information about some of the accounts? The question I'm asking here is if you know if you hit for example The Family accounts?
There was no inside information, and I am unsure of what accounts were hit exactly in terms of who they were associated with. I am sure once people wake up from the fog of the weekend, people will start to come around with who might have been hit.

Like you said, you are protecting your resources so it doesn't really matter who it is, as long as it's your enemy. (or the unknown) Howmany resources did you use for this action?
Most bullets, probably about 400k were hand bought. The rest were obtained through points. I am a little bit of a gambler myself, and seem to have some pretty decent luck with them so I had a decent amount of cash and points to use. Of course I had help from other sources that I will not disclose, but a lot of time was put into this account. My last Don account lost 415k bullets, so we wanted to make sure that did not happen again on this one.

I can understand why you wouldn't. I didn't catch the bullet drop on statistics, do you know howmany bullets you dropped? Also, howmany bullets were bought in total? And may I ask; howmuch playing time have you put in this account?
Stats have not quite updated as of yet, so that I do not know right now. I do know when I started there were 7.7 mill in the game, reason being is because I had mentioned having almost 10% of the in-game bullets. My total was 700k that I used in this spree.

My online activity:
Online (Active D:H:M): 12:13:33
Online (Idle D:H:M): 01:20:01
Online (Total D:H:M): 14:09:34

That's indeed quite a lot! Talking about the playing time.The bullets are also a lot ofcourse, waiting for the stats to get updates is always exciting, I thought it had dropped already. Do you think you will be killed soon? It's not like it used to be; 4 hours and your dead!
Seems it may have updated already, and from what was said in the GF it was over 300k bullets and almost 100 mill. Not really that great, but the bullet drop is a goods one to see drop. In terms of being killed, well I am sure it will happen at some point. It just all depends on who was shot, and what kind of resources they have to retaliate. If I wake up in the morning and find myself on the infamous "You have been killed" page, then I will start the process over again and hope for better next time.

The cycle of a killer. So exciting, still not many people do it. Why do you think the majority of the people doesn't use the kill feature as much (as intented) ?
A lot of changes in the game have made most not want to play anymore. The two updates that have been made since I last made kills would be making the Gym a little easier to rank up, and then putting all the found accounts on the kill page. It does take a lot of time to buy bullets, and I do not believe in using just points to gain them. The money you get selling them goes a lot further than just using them, although I am sure some would disagree. All a matter of opinion on why people do not use the kill system as it is intended. People have become complacent with busting or doing other things that have been implemented into the game that make it easy not to stock bullets. This game has somewhat become a social gathering place, and the only difference between them and the people associated with MW and others is that we socialize, but also do what we have always done....shoot accounts we deem a threat or take out crews that think that sitting on the stats is just going to be alright. Sit and do nothing, well then there is not much that can be said when they get shot.

I guess you're right, buying bullets takes a lot of time but this is the way how it actually should be done, not by using (only) points. I guess it's just easier to bust people all day then to work on your account for 1-2 months straight to perform a killing spree such as this one.
Would you say we will see you again in 2 months doing another killing spree?

This was a small spree in comparison to others done this round. Cheese and Nuvi, both ex Club Boogie, have done much larger as well as others. You can count on me being around lurking for awhile, this was small so I hope to do a much larger one in due time.

We'll be here, watching! And perhaps, dieing! Well I believe that's about it, do you have anything else you would like to add, or say to the bootleggers community?
The one thing that I would say to the BL community......stop moaning about everything, including the fact that they get shot all the time. People seem to think that it takes rocket science to put together sprees or take out those they want to. There are ways if you really think about it and utilize the resources some of these crews or people have accumulated since the beginning of the round. If they don't want to be shot, do something about it instead of running their mouths about how shitty the game is now because of lame ass reasons. This game is only as good as the people playing it, and if you want it to change....well change it.