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Behind The Name Daltonnnn

Each week we at the Buzz interview a random player of Bootleggers. How random? Well, we go to the Users Online, close our eyes and we have a few clicks. Awesome, we know. So, here is the interview of this week! Enjoy!

Hey LilBoldyJB, thanks for granting me this interview with you about this week's Behind The Name, first of; could you introduce yourself to the Bootleggers community?
My name is Josh, surname Bold hence 'LilBoldy'. I'm 19 and live in the UK, I've played bootleggers on and off for about 6 years now. I love most sports mainly football and I am a big Chelsea fan.

Ok nice to meet you Josh! So we already know where your username comes from, so we can skip that question! Why is the JB added?
JB are the initials of my real name, I gave you the clue to that in my first answer. I thought you buzz people were like mind readers? But JB being added was purely random after the last time I got shot.

You say you've been playing Bootleggers for about 6 years now, how have you discovered Bootleggers?
I was introduced to bootleggers 6 years ago by a friend of my older brother. I was instantly hooked on BL for a good few years and now, while I may take breaks from the game I always come back

Does he still play, that friend of your brother? Or do you play with other real life friends on here?
He does not and only with my brother now as he also plays bootleggers.

Don't want to say hi to your brother during this minute of fame?
Hi bro! He's currently UG in the game so I won't name and shame.

Oh alright then! So tell me, how do you play the game? Are you a killer, gambler, buster etc.
When i first started playing bootleggers I was mainly a killer. I was in a crew called Strictly Business which some will love or loath and enjoyed the kill feature greatly. For now however, I have manage to control my desire to kill... and enjoy the busting and gambling side of the game, not having much luck with it I might add.

Perhaps return to the killing side of the game? What do you think of the state the game is currently in?
Maybe I will one day soon… I think (hope) the game is in a state of transition at the moment with updates slowly coming and of which, will be bring the game back to how I remember it 6 years ago.

I hope you're right about that! What would you change if you were BSF2000?
If I was BSF I would be focused on changes to the crew feature making a crew spot truly valuable. I know crew updates are in the pipeline (I hope) but being in a crew is something the majority of BL players enjoy the most and it creates that community feeling throughout BL. Whereas N.Don/S.Don features the majority will never experience.

Yes, crew updates are coming, but how would you make the crew feature more valuable?
This is not an exhaustive list and by no means fool proof either but:

  • Make crews harder to wipe of the stats, for too long it's been too easy for one person to just wipe a crew.

  • Leading on from the first point, in-cooperate the old establishment type feature to within crews allowing crew bosses to build defence or offensive type weapons to aid when crews are under attack or at war.

  • Finally, the longer a crew is on the stats the more perks there are available to it. As for what those 'perks' could be I have no idea, that would require some thinking!

I see some ideas I've seen before, and I see one I personally haven't seen before! The longer a crew is on stats, the more perks there are available for it.. Very fine idea! Does the reason you are crewless have anything to do with the fact that they are easy to wipe?
Thanks! Partly yes. I would still join a crew on the stats but, I just don't like the idea of the constant vulnerability a crew is succumb to.

Oke thanks for elaborating on that! Now a few random questions. Music or Movies?
I'm torn. Can I say music in movies?! I will be decisive and say music.

Bad descision! Sound of music is your choice then? Why music over movies?
Don't get me wrong I love a good film but I spend a lot time on the move traveling and I'm always listening to music, like I am now!

Ok sounds fair! Your favourite song at the moment?
Drake - Hold on we're going home. I'm a fan of Drake and a fan of his new song!

Ok, well I'm not a music fan so I don't know.. Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber?
I'll take the third option regardless of what it is!

That would be third option then: Jess Greenberg. Fruit or Candy?
I'll take that option! Fruit.

You would pick an apple and turn down chocolate?
Indeed! Love apples, bananas, oranges etc.

Very healthy! What is your favorite food?
Hunter's chicken topped with Cheddar cheese, smoked bacon and BBQ sauce, served with chips and a dressed salad garnish! Can't forget the salad !

Hmmmm delicious! Now I'm hungry. Rather die at the age of 50 while being bill gates rich OR die at the age of 100 and been 3th world country poor your whole life?
I'd love other factors to be involved like friends/family but on that choice die at 50 while being bill gates rich.

No other factors involved! So you choose money over lifespan, ey. My final question for you: Do you have anything else you would like to say to the Bootleggers community?
Yeah I believe I could have a fulfilled life at 50. I would simply say, I hope everyone has had the enjoyment I have had from this game and, that we all continue to enjoy it.