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The Rise and Fall of Sapientia Riverpenguin

Early this week, we witnessed the shooting of two crews: Jailbreak Paradise and The Chicago Outfit, who were replaced by former statistics crew Haze Blazers as well as one we have not witnessed in a very long time who go by the name of Sapientia. However, the stay was short lived for the latter, with Around The Corner Bar behind their demise in an attack for which they claimed was self-defence. We look into the reasons behind all the shootings as well as revealing the culprit who set off the sequence of events.

It began with the shooting of 19 accounts all ranked boss or higher, which led to both Jailbreak Paradise and The Chicago Outfit being dropped from the statistics page. We here at the Buzz traced down the killer and came across the culprit who goes by the name of Swept, who happened to be a long serving member of Around The Corner Bar. However, we are led to believe that they were in no way involved in the shooting, with Swept leaving the crew before embarking on his killing spree. We got in contact with our shooter and questioned him as to why he decided to shoot both Jailbreak Paradise and The Chicago Outfit, to which he replied ‘Purely and simply they were the two easiest crews on the stats to wipe.’ At first, it seems as if there was no ulterior motive, simply a player wishing to leave his mark on the game in the most effective way he can. We inquired as to whether he was shooting for a crew; however, we were informed the attack was all of his own doing. Interestingly, when we asked why he’d been a member of Around The Corner Bar before the shooting, we were told ‘I was hiding in atcb whilst stocking my bullets I told them I was a new player starting back up from a few years ago and I left them earlier. They had no idea that I was planning this although they did often ask why I had so many bullets.’

The attack left a space for two new crews to join the statistics page, however, the first one (Haze Blazers) did not wish to talk to the Buzz; the second crew to claim the free crew spot were Sapientia. Fortunately we managed to get hold of Emerge, the boss of Sapientia and ask him a few questions about their return. At first, we asked whether they had anything to do with the shooting that left them free to take the crew spot, however, we were informed ‘The shooting had nothing to do with the crew, i just happened to be in the right place at the right time really.’ This backs up the statement made by Swept claiming that the attack was simply of his own doing, however, what was to follow made for an interesting twist. Following the acquisition of the crew spot, Sapientia accepted Swept into their crew, fueling speculation that they were behind the attacks all along.

Could this all just have been a coincidence? It seems Around The Corner Bar felt not as they wiped Sapientia also killing the previous shooter Swept, ending their short lived time on the statistics page. We got in contact with SGisback (current boss of Around The Corner Bar) and asked why they decided to shoot out, to which he responded: ‘Put it this way. While Swept wiped 2 crews, we found out he was an insider for an UG crew claiming to be TF (The Family). Now I know they are not TF. But they threatened us and shot my members. When Swept was done he joined SAP. Now I don't know if they were just buddies or they were working together. I did what I had to do to defend my crew. I do not take threats lightly.’ Whether or not Sapientia and Swept were working in tandem remains a mystery, however, SGisack informed us that he feels no ill will towards Sapientia members, but merely acted in what he believed was the best interests for his crew. He added: ‘I got a message from someone in SAP asked why I did it. And I did apologize and offer to help rank them back up. In the end, I hope people will understand why I did this. I am just defending my crew like a crew boss should!’

An eventful beginning to our week then with no less than three crew wipes to kick us off. Sapientia paid the ultimate price for accepting a highly controversial member into their ranks and whether or not they were in it together is something we may never know. What are your thoughts on the shootings this week? Was SGisback right to shoot out at Sapientia to defend his crew, or has he merely created more problems for himself? Do you believe Sapientia and Swept were working together all along? We’d like to hear from you and, as always, appreciate any feedback we receive.