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Lucky La Onda, not so lucky Inmates? Daltonnnn

It seems La Onda got very lucky this week. AnthonyHopkins (the mobster, not the actor) decided to wipe their crew of the statistics page, but after killing only eight of their members in four minutes, the killer got killed himself by the hand of IpMan. The reason why AnthonyHopkins was trying to wipe La Onda is not clear to us. We didn't have a chance to catch up with La Onda or AnthonyHopkins himself but rumour has it, that it was yet again the mistake of just one person. A single person that fucked it up for the whole crew resulting in pissing someone off who decides to wipe the entire crew. But it didn't go like they planned, not at all.

It seems IpMan had planned a shooting on the same evening as AnthonyHopkins and it was mere coincidence that he was on the list. How do we know this? We didn’t have a chance to talk with AnthonyHopkins, but we did have a chance to talk to IpMan. He had killed 21 people in over an hour, thereby claiming California, New York and Colorado bullet factories and nearly wiping The Inmates of the statistics page. The sole reason why he hasn’t is because he made a mistake which resulted in failing the kill on the last boss+ account in that crew. Piraten was the name of the account who bravely stood against this shooter, but it only took him four hours more to murder this remaining limb of The Inmates in order to create a new crew: Murder Inc.

Hey there IpMan, it seems that this night, multiple people decided to shoot down a crew. Where AnthonyHopkins was wiping La Onda, you were planning to wipe The Inmates and kill of several other accounts, including AnthonyHopkins! Could you tell us what’s up with that?
I shot AnthonyHopkins first when I saw that La Onda was getting shot and I could see him move from state to state so i decided to start a bit faster.

That's a nice thing of you to do! Why protect La Onda that way?
I don't care just thought it would be funny lol

you sure ruined someone's day there I reckon. So, what were your motivations for killing those people?
I like to hunt the hunters

And how did you know that they were the hunters?
They are mostly TF and i try to hit some bankers to but that's always a gamble

How did you know they were TF/ bankers?
well you never know. only the shooters are easy to find

ok, so howmany resources did u spend?
130k bullets, 7kp and 16mill search money

That's a descent amount! Saved it up on your own, or are those crewfunds?
crew funds. whe play as a team

So what are your crew goals?
Just to fuck with The Family till this round ends. shot Seraglio and Bergorama for the BF's

So where does your crew get most of your funds from, banking?
been using alot of saved up points.

And are funds low at the moment or can we expect another shooting in the nearby future?
we have some fight in us left. but we know this round is won by them. more people should stand up against them instead of sucking up or hope they would let you be

Are there many other members left?
yes there are. we are spread out in crews and UG

Do you have anything you would like to add or say to the community?
yeah shit or get off the pot

After IpMan created Murder Inc., he decided so tell this crew to a crew which we haven’t seen since 2009: Green Street Elite. This crew was once founded by Mossside3rX and now created once more by ParkieV3 and Grave666Digger666V5.

I contacted ParkieV3 after IpMan told me he had bought the crew, and I asked him about his crew and their further goals. My first question was if he had known the original founder of the crew, when he told me: “Yes I'm very good friends with Moss, he doesn’t play Bootleggers anymore but if he does he hasn't let anyone know his name. But I have had permission to start them back up”. Green Street Elite is now under new management so it seems, and I asked ParkieV3 what their crew is most known for and if they stayed underground since 2009 when he said: “Our crew is most known for a friendly crew we like being on the stats and enjoy it, nope we haven't been UG just been waiting for the right opportunity”

I then asked him what the future has in store for them, he said: “To be an active crew and bring some life back into the game. Meaning making it more active such as joining in forums owning casinos and have fun making money". My final question being if he had anything else he would like to say to the Bootleggers community he mentioned: “To everyone in the community keeping it alive; keep going! And a message to The Family; what you are doing is quality! What GPEnergy has in his profile is so true. I played for 7 years now and it should go back to that way, well done.”

This is what we found out it, people. La Onda was very lucky as IpMan decided to protect them by eliminating their shooter. The Inmates got wiped and the killer founded a new crew which he then sold to Green Street Elite management. While wiping the crew, IpMan has also took control over three bullet factories, and at the time of this writing; he still owns them, and is alive and kicking! It has been more than four hours ago, how long will it take for someone to retaliate? Time will tell.