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COLUMN: A False Start ShyGuy

It was Sunday morning when round 8 of Bootleggers started. One of the unhealthiest Sundays in my life, as I committed crimes 11 hours non-stop. Addiction, boredom, name it whatever you want. At the start of a new round it is important to make some money with crimes, booze runs and selling cars. You start with stealing cash from some small businesses, which means it does not really pay off. Getting 20 dollars for a crime is frustrating, but patience is the key to everything. Eventually you can purchase more expensive Booze, which results in more profit than committing a crime each two minutes. And so on, and so on until your wealth status finally changes. The first 10K has been earned!

A matter of approximately 45 successful crimes until you reach Pee Wee and around 100 crimes more and you reach the rank Thug. Alright, when you reach Thug you know it is time for your first new Organized Crime, the so called ‘Smuggle OC’. Since the 3-man smuggle OC seemed to be bugged, many players chose to host a 2-man smuggle OC. In a 2-man smuggle OC, one player has to drive and the other player has the position of navigator. As a navigator it is your job to take care of charts. You have to insert an amount of money, which you would like to spend on charts. As the smuggle OC got launched at the start of round 8, nobody knew how the feature exactly worked. The answer of the Elite Guard was clear; the players had to find it out by trial and error. *PRRFFFF*, FALSE START!

I am not in a huge favor of giving every player a total guideline of how certain features work, however I do believe that every feature on Bootleggers needs a proper explanation so that every player, new and experienced, can properly play Bootleggers. When the first players were leading the new smuggle OC they picked the most expensive booze and figured that they were ‘trapped’ in their own OC. A waste of valuable time and the used equipment. Fortunately it is now possible to cancel your OC, which means you cannot be trapped in your own OC anymore. A good recover, but there is more.

Instead of being trapped in your own OC, it is also possible to fail an OC or being betrayed by your OC partner. In both situations you chance of losing health. Let’s say that you are playing Bootleggers for 11 hours non-stop and you join an OC. You decide you invest all your earned money in this OC. Just like the average user, the driver uses a Duesenberg and the navigator pays approximately $10,000 for some proper charts. With a heartbeat with over 200 you, as the OC-leader, decide to hit the button Commit. Before you see that brown barrel you notices that your health bar turned orange. *BRRRGGGGG*, FALSE START!

You just invested all your money and your health just dropped with 20-40%. Outrageous, but you decide not to be a quitter. Well, until you see the crimes page. Your crime percentages just decreased and unless you pay a visit at the hospital, these percentages will most likely not increase. Hold on a second, the hospital costs $7,500 for each 10%. How are you supposed to earn that money with such low crime percentages? You can, but it takes a lot of time, effort and patience. The result is that you most likely give up and decide to quit Bootleggers or commit suicide and create a new account. A pity and these situations can easily be prevented by stopping this decrease of your crime percentages when you lose health. I believe this decrease only results in problems of new players and stimulates players to give up faster after they lost health. Ah well, one thing is sure. Giving up and stop playing Bootleggers is the easiest thing in the world, we all have done it thousands of times.