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Plax – The Machine ShyGuy

Plax, a player from Norway, who is 27 years old and started playing Bootleggers in 2004. Last round he was the first Legendary Don and due a bug in the State Don feature he got killed before he earned his well-deserved State Don promotion. Poison, a former Buzz Writer/Editor, was able to find out that plax was the first Legendary Don due a Hitlist trick. Plax got killed and was never seen again. A new round arrives and so does plax, who recently got promoted to Don already. An incredible achievement, therefore the Buzz decided to have a word with this ranking machine.

At the moment of writing this article there are 7 Godfathers, 1 Legendary Godfather and 1 Don on Bootleggers. Reaching Godfather already takes a lot of effort, so how the hell did plax made it to Don already? For those who wonder, plax is not a fat unshaved smelly unemployed man who is sitting home the entire day. He actually works and plays on a mobile device during work. So, what about his tactic? Obviously, plax is using a lot of gold coins to reset his Organized Crime timer, as that feature gives you far the most experience points. That, and performing some shitload, my apologies kids, of crimes and stolen cars.

We completely understand that you are very curious of the miscellaneous statistics of our first Don, but unfortunately plax did not want to share all his statistics:

Crimes (Success): 3,995
Crimes (Failed): 737
Crimes (Total): 4,732
Crimes (Profit): $1,347,877
Stolen cars (Success): 908
Stolen cars (Failed): 1,533
Stolen cars (Total): 2,441
Booze (Bought): 7,049
Booze (Sold): 6,711
Busts (Success): 12 (5%)
Busts (Failed): 210 (95%)
Busts (Total): 222
Busts streak (Current): -5
Busts streak (Highest): 1
Arrested (Total): 860
Arrests evaded (Success): 19
Arrests evaded (Failed): 35
Arrests evaded (Total): 54
Jail time (H:M:S): 24:32:59
plax said

No Organized Crimes amounts, which are actually the most important statistics, but we at the Buzz completely understand the situation of plax. He did not want to elaborate on the amount of which he reset his Organized Crime timer as well, but fortunately he could give us a global estimation of gold coins, which he spent to reset his timer. Take your bets! 1,000 gold coins? 7,000? It would be an awesome give-away to make you all guess it, but let’s give it away. According to plax, he used approximately 5,000 gold coins to reset his Organized Timer. 5,000 gold coins and he never ever purchased a single gold coin for real life money.

That brings us with the future. How many more resources has plax to reset his Organized Crime timer? According to plax he ‘had no plans about talking about his current wealth’, and with that we ended the interview. Last round plax was killed before he reached State Don. If you want to win the race to State Don, you can grab either one of the two bars; the BAR M1918 or your gold bars. On behalf of the entire Buzz Team we congratulate plax with his promotion to Don and we look forward to the future!