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NEWS: Bullet Factories ShyGuy

EDITORS NOTE: The author of this article is riverpenguin.

The first player to pick up a bullet factory was Tynos, a member of Bootleggers crew Event Horizon, who went for the one in the state of Pennsylvania. He is still under ownership and we managed to get hold of him to find out how he managed to pick it up so quickly. When asked whether he amassed the money by himself, we were told 'it wasn't just me building up the money, it was a full team effort from all EH members.' Obviously with a number of people working towards making required money, the process becomes a lot easier. We enquired as to whether any planning had gone into it before round 8 began and Tynos replied 'You can only plan to a degree, and the reset proved it with an overhaul of ranking and OCing. Just the whole group of members worked towards it.' Bullet factories are obviously of huge importance to aspiring crews due to the bullets they can provide your crew with, as well as the cash inflows. Clearly the one bullet factory wasn't enough for Event Horizon, with Tynos picking up a second for them in New Jersey before sending it to fellow member/boss BettyB.

Event Horizon have managed to avoid any conflict over their bullet factories, however that cannot be said for all parties. The New York bullet factory has been one that has changed hands several times over the past 3 weeks. It was originally obtained by Fresh, who was a part of underground crew Rebel Circus. We got in contact and once again were told that the acquisition of the bullet factory was a team effort from crew members. However, unlike Event Horizon, Rebel Circus decided to sell their bullet factory for a staggering 20,000 points, highlighting the importance of the establishment. When asked why Rebel Circus decided not to hold on to the factory, he replied 'We are more UG so 20k gold is good for us when needed.'

The crew that it was sold to go by the name of The Untouchables, who were obviously eager to make a mark. However, with bullet factories so valuable and their supply diminishing, other crews were looking to obtain them. Well known crew The Vanguard made the decision that the New York Bullet factory would make an excellent asset and began shooting, eventually obtaining it. One of the unsuspecting casualties from this assault was the aforementioned Bootlegger Fresh, prompting the return of fire from CaymanS. He managed to kill several members of The Vanguard before making the mistake of shooting crew boss Friction, enabling the new backfire feature to kill him. Perhaps The Vanguard didn't feel it was worth holding the factory any more, as they went on to sell it to fellow statistics crew Death Valley.

A busy start to round 8 then with lots of news in relation to the bullet factories. Obviously it is very worthwhile holding one, but it doesn't come without its dangers. With all the bullet factories currently under ownership, we will no doubt see more activity in the coming weeks.

EDITORS NOTE: The author of this article is riverpenguin.