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A little peek in the Gang world Scarcio

Gangs. The feature we know most about at this moment, as upgrading to crew is bugged according to the Elite Guard. In a gang is room for 10 people total including the crew holder. The big change next to the name is that in this crew system there are layers. There are Soldiers, there are Lieutenants and there is the Boss. There can be 1 boss, 3 lieutenants and 9 soldiers (if there are 3 lieutenants 6 soldiers, as 10 is the maximum amount of members). The difference between these is mostly ‘the power of change’. The soldiers have almost nothing. They can pay their taxes, not much more. The Lieutenants have a lot of power. They can promote or demote members from their own layer or the soldier layer (takes 24 hours to take effect), they can look into the crews bank and take money out, they can build facility’s, make alterations to the crew, see the applications and accept/decline them and some more smaller stuff. The Boss can obviously do everything he pleases.

Facilities. The Gangs can build 3 types of facilities; A gym, a shooting range or take a personal doctor. These facilities can be built in a state of choice. The gym costs $5,000,000 and gives less workout time. The Shooting range costs $3,000,000 which provides free shooting practice. The doctor costs $1,000,000 (hell of a salary for a doctor) and heals twice as fast as the hospital (at the same price, so this doctor is loaded). While they come at a price, these facilities give a nice ‘reward’ for being in a crew.

The biggest thing that changed for ‘wiping’ a crew is of course the crew structures. Who to shoot first, how and with how many bullets? The update about crews brought some misunderstanding. Stating that to kill a next layer >50% of the lower layer needs to be killed in a CREW gave the community the idea that this didn’t count for gangs. But as we all have seen it does. Earlier this week Rebel Circus tried to take out The Vanguard by first killing some of the members, and then CaymanS shot 100,000 bullets at Friction, the boss of The Vanguard but died in backfire. One Hundred Thousand bullets couldn’t kill the man! It seems that the ‘backfire’ feature is one to take seriously. In order to take out a crew you need to take out at least 50% of each layer and then shoot the boss. In a gang this means (in case there are 6 soldiers and 3 lieutenants) that you will have to take out 6 people before being able to kill the boss, and more important; In the right order! There is now a Private investigator option to search for a crew structure, so that should solve the problem I guess.

Upgrading from a gang to a crew means one thing we are sure off; there are a total of 20 members allowed in a crew spot and there’s a new layer added; Council. The council is in between the Boss and the Lieutenants. Good luck wiping that off the stats! There are 3 things to be achieved by a gang to be able to upgrade to a crew. The Boss needs to be at least Boss rank (duuh), there has to be an available ‘Crew spot’ and the gang must have enough ‘influence’. What this is exactly is not known yet, but it has something to do with a combination of rank, gun, protection, bullets, wealth ‘etc’. We will have to inform you later of the meaning of influence as it’s not known yet.

I hope this takes a way some questions about gangs, there will of course be a following article about the ‘Crew’ spot when there is more information available! Final question; Shooting a gang, is that called a gangbang? Please comment and let me know! Happy gaming!