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NEWS: Bootleggers CommYounity Gains New Moderator Matador

On Saturday 5th April, Bootleggers welcomed not only the start of Round 8 but also the appointment of long standing Help Desk Operator, Youn, to the position of Moderator. Since the departure of Riserva in November last year, it has been up to the three amigos: Mika, Aldarion and Sky to look after the game and assist Head Administrator, BSF2000, prepare for Round 8. Unfortunately the man in charge was not open to questions, but this recent award of a scarce ‘Green Jacket’, the first in over two years, could be an indication that he has ambitions to grow the community and thus needs increased manpower to moderate it effectively.

While BSF2000 was unavailable, it was possible to talk to Youn regarding his promotion. According to the man himself, the invitation to join the Elite Guard came “around a month before round 8 started” and that the plan was for him to take up the position immediately following the reset. He says it was “definitely a surprise” but appreciated having the time to absorb the news, not to mention the difficulty in keeping it to himself for several weeks.

Youn has been a Help Desk Operator since November 2012 and has played Bootleggers for a full decade, joining and even running prominent crews along the way, including The Spartan Warriors, Event Horizon and Penance. We have seen staff members go off the rails in the past, betraying the trust of the community by using Bootleggers as a launch pad for their own games, exploiting their position of power to help non-staff friends or even targeting certain players whom they have had old grievances with. Corruption within the Elite Guard is always a hot topic for discussion and it can be difficult to trust the judgement of Moderators when they have previously played the game at a high level, making close friends and closer enemies. Youn is confident though, that his history as a player will not impact his duties, saying: “it will not have any influence when it comes down to making decisions”.

When asked what kind of Moderator he would like to be viewed as, he is content to play out his own personality and present himself as he has done over the past 10 years; “I’ll just be me and people can label that however they want”. He won’t be entirely quiet in his tenure as a Moderator though, as he claims to have a few ideas up his sleeves, to be revealed at a later date once the recent updates have been fully digested and everyone has settled down. It is clear that he has high hopes for the additions to the game as his biggest regret is that he will not be able to “play with the new features”. He is especially looking forward to “see how the new crew system will work out”, an excitement shared by many others in these early days of the round.

It is fair to say that Youn has done a solid job in his time as a Help Desk Operator and it is evident from the Game Forum that he is a popular choice for Moderator. However, he has left a void on the Help Desk and combined with the recent resignation of ShyGuy, the Elite Guard has been forced to spark a recruitment drive for fresh yellow-adorned helpers. Experienced players Aerius and MarkOvermars have already taken up the reins with more certain to follow. It remains to be seen whether BSF2000 will also expand the Elite Guard further. Either way it is a positive move that should ease the workload of the current team and provide us, the community, with a better overall service.