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NEWS: Surprise Jump in Game Cash Matador

The current outstanding issues with crews and the unfortunate absence of the Buzz last week notwithstanding, Round 8 has got off to a reasonably smooth start. There was a brief concerning moment last Sunday however, when the Statistics page indicated a huge jump in game money, from $500 to 800 million. Later on the same day this was attributed to a simple error on the page, causing incorrect figures to be displayed. BSF2000 was able to resolve the issue quickly, clarifying that there was in fact "no exploit".

This is good news for the players and staff. A strange jump like this typically has the characteristics of a serious money exploit and, as expected, attracted a lot of attention in the Game Forum. Speculation shot straight to the possibility of an exploit but also garnered some amusing theories with Complexity suggesting that “TF have registered again” and Mayer suspecting “TI [of] plotting a mass casino rape on the war tables”. Youn was able to offer the Buzz a more accurate explanation, saying: “This was caused by my personal statistics being included in the statistics page whereas any EG resources shouldn't be included.”

So not only have we averted a crisis that could have culminated in deleted chunks of cash, mass bannings or even worse, a roll-back, but we have learned that our newest Moderator is a very rich man indeed. Evidently his crimes are paying out more than mine!