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Revolution of the Federal Bank riverpenguin

At last we have a new round and with it an array of new features, one of which being that of a minor alteration to the federal bank. As many of you may have noticed, there is now a limit on the amount of interest that can be accrued within 24 hours, as well as restrictions set on bank transfers to fellow players. This introduction will undoubtedly have changed the dynamics of the game and this article looks into what it could mean for us all.

The new update brought in for round 8 has revolutionized the banking feature by limiting the amount of interest that can be earned each day to 1% of in game cash. At first glance this sounds like a lot, however this currently equates to almost 8 million dollars that can be earned through interest each day. With current rates set at 3%, we'd be banking over 250 million dollars a day in order to attain such levels resulting in this feature only affecting the most wealthy of players.

However, the update to the federal bank has now also set a requirement to have been active during the 24 hours of banking in order to earn the interest. The amount of money you can earn interest on increases with each action you take, resulting in a significant level of activity being required to accrue the hundreds of millions of dollars we previously mentioned. This requirement combined with the fact that money held in the bank is now reflected in your wealth status means that bankers will become more exposed than ever to the Bootleggers community. Any profiles which show a notoriously rich wealth status will surely become a target, making long term banking undesirable. Instead, players will have to turn to other ways to hoard their wealth such as investing in gold, an asset which will transfer to your future account upon death.

With banking being one of the main methods of making money in previous rounds, this new update appears to have levelled the playing field. No longer will underground crews be able to hide away amassing the hundreds of millions it takes in order to wipe crews on the statistics page. Another feature of previous rounds is that of low ranking accounts which would act as 'bankers' to high profile accounts in order for them to keep their money safe, slowly accruing interest under the radar. Once again, the federal bank has been updated to solve this problem with limits of bank transfers for those under the rank of gangster being set to $300,000.

Despite this, a simple trip to the statistics page tells us that 54% of in game money is being kept in the federal bank, which tells us it is still an incredibly important feature of the game. However, in comparison to the 73% we saw near the end of last round, perhaps we are seeing the diminishing utility that can be attained from this feature. Money gained from interest will be in much smaller doses, with dollars quickly being converted into the safer currency of gold.

To conclude, we can clearly see how this update has changed the way people will use the federal bank from now on but to what extent? What are your thoughts on the new banking update? Do you believe it will revolutionize Bootleggers for the better? Does this make it even harder for underground crews? We here at the buzz would like to hear from you.