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Crew of the Week! Joke

"Everyone should be scared of Death Valley, because nothing goods comes out of it. That’s exactly what we will do: people will get scared of us, and they won’t even imagine what we are possible to do in this game. We are like the real Death Valley: Nothing good ever comes out of it...” Wise words spoken from the crew boss, TheUndertaker from the first Buzz Issue from Round 7 written for their accomplishment of quickly becoming the fourth crew to grab a spot on the stats page. Eighty-one days ago, Death Valley claimed their spot for Round 8, along side the select few as one of the first crews to get on the Stats, again.

Located in Eastern California, in the Mohave Desert, is Death Valley. There, while searching all around for a drink of water, or possibly, some cognac, you will find Kingofdeath trying to sell some bullets and take what he said is his cut of your Federal Bank earnings, or his share of what you robbed from the state bank, because this is his state. TheUndertaker and DeaDRabbitS from last round, the crew boss of Death Valley, Kingofdeath followed his members, SammyBoy and Spartacus, and became the third player this round to become State Don. The Buzz got the opportunity to sit down with this highly respected man, and he had much to say about his crew, "I'm proud of my members. They work as a family, everybody is doing their best to keep this crew at the top. They are willing to shoot anyone for the crew, and they're also willing to die hundreds of times over for the crew. Most importantly, of course, they have fun. They don't seek for power, to dominate or destroy, they just want to be part of the game and play as it should be played." Just a moment before the Buzz thanked him for his time and was about to conclude their visit with his members in the crew in blue, he had one last thing to add, "the most important thing - we always keep our members happy; we don't let them down when we get shot, nor do we leave them without a back up or help. We always seek for revenge, and that's what makes us different. It seems every other crew will get shot, and they quit, or they go underground and leave most of their members behind. Not Death Valley."

When the Buzz asked to get the opportunity to visit, it was welcomed by the boss, but as they seemed to be so popular, the visit had to be arranged and a spot in the family of 60 opened up. A couple days later, when that opportunity arose, the boss was busy tending to other duties of the State Don, and as the only available recruiter on to accept any applicants to the family was Zero. As the boss was busy and hadn't informed everyone they'd be visited, he refused entry without proper authorization. Even though the tight security of the crew was glaringly apparent, he later wanted to add for the Buzz his opinion what made DV the best crew around, "We are a unit! Everything that happens will get discussed by the boss, council, and every member. A team that works together, wins together!"

It became quickly overwhelming how welcoming every member of the crew was, and how active the majority of the family is. The crew forum seems to buzz with more words flying in every direction than the game forum, and it's obvious they largely outrank the majority of the other crews and public in general. We asked on there what made Death Valley such a great crew, and many members, such as Sored, Rennic, jamollawop, and SammyBoy all had mostly the same things to say about the crew, such as, "Our six bosses, large council, and now our large family of very helpful members all work as a team to find a solution to each problem." That specific forum thread in the crew forum quickly thereafter became hijacked and humorously spammed with gifs of Francis Underwood from the Netflix show, "House of Cards" to determine who was more important to the crew, Heatzone, or KevinSpacey.

When the Buzz polled a few of the bosses of other crews, and randomly questioned the members of our community, many agreed that it appears for now that although they may be a little biased in claiming to be the best crew around, they're at least here to stay for a while, and that it will either take an act from God, or a serious uncharacteristic and surprising move to upset someone powerful and strong enough to take them off the stats. Only time will tell, but for now, the family in dark blue at the top of the stats page is a welcomed and enjoyable sight for many!