Sunday, July 6th, 2014
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Caboose is in Fact NOT a Train Joke

"I started playing Bootleggers with my friends in my C# class in high school back in 2004. Over the last 10 years I have been playing off and on and off and on and it's kind of a cool thing that while I'm playing I am reminded of all the different phases of my life that Bootleggers has been around through. So, I guess I want to give back, and the fact that I am a senior level programmer at a world class consulting firm should help me should I be so lucky."

The Buzz first became aware of the player we all now as our newest Moderator (Developer) on the eighth day of May, when he reached out to help the team gather some information for the article published later that month about BSF2000. As we're all well aware, BSF2000s activity has slightly decreased this round compared to his previous barely-existent state. It was nearly two months after the round started before we were given any hopeful indication the bugs may be fixed anytime soon, and it came to us in the form of a welcome post in the Game Forum for the new Moderator (Developer). A little more than a month and a half has gone by since then, and it is quite apparent some of us have forgotten how happy everyone was to see that.

In the June 1st issue of the Buzz, our writer Illinois sat down with the newest member of the Elite Guard to discuss his promotion and briefly about the man behind the new green suit, and in it you can find a reminder that there is a lot of coding composing this game, and patience will be required by all before everything is fixed. Six weeks have passed, with the apparent lack the patience from a few, and the remaining mystery surrounding the man, it has gone on long enough that we finally got around to an interview that delves a little more in depth for the community to once again realize that we have been blessed with someone who has willingly given up his time and sacrificed the fun part to the game to provide us with a better situation.

Many have argued he isn't cut out for the job, that hes caused damage, cannot take criticism at all, or a multitude of other complaints against him/his actions. Caboose has made mistakes, and in all likelihood, will continue to make the occasional mistake just as nearly any new developer for the game would, and every former developer has. More unfortunately, there will always be people who will complain when he makes a mistake. Many already have, and even more will continue to make references to the early rounds when all the coders (administrators, at that time) didn't know what they were doing. One must remember, though, that BSF started this site without any previous knowledge. He simply began googling and through trial and error, made the site we all play now. Even though the last few rounds may have possibly gone a little better in some players' opinions, this is the game, this is the truest representation of the spirit behind the site we've all logged onto. Trial and error causing bugs is something we should all now have adapted to, and in an ideal world, nobody would bat an eye at the thought of something minor (or even major) being wrong with the site. For now, for most players, the bigger burden will be putting up with and/or ignoring the rampant complaints following every mistake, than the mistake itself. However, the creator and sole proprietor of the game, BSF2000, and Head Moderator, Mika, both
"did a great job of making sure (Caboose) was cut out for the duties. We went through a very in-depth interview process." So if players have any faith in them as they've gotten us to this point, it should be extended to Caboose as well to carry us into the future.

In addition to a little more in-depth addition to his background and biography, the Buzz went to the Game Forum to gather questions for Caboose that players were eager to find out from the man. Within days, the forum thread reached over 100 comments containing many good questions, many more inappropriate or unanswerable questions, but most of all, off-topic discussions. The Buzz would like to sincerely thank everyone that submitted a question, and would like to guarantee they were all asked and discussed with Caboose, but as some were inappropriate or superfluous, they (may have made us laugh, but unfortunately) had been skipped and/or edited out. The following is a small composition of some questions that made the cut and were answered by the big man in green...

    As many of us have become aware, after a wording mishap by this writer two weeks ago in a Buzz article, DT0X has been curious to know why Caboose sat down with the leaders of Most Wanted, so we decided to start there.
    Caboose: I sat down with MW because I wanted to get their side of how the new crew system has changed the balance of the game. I also shared that the mission requirement and money transfer cap was geared more towards stopping dupers than punishing underground crews, and assured them that I am going to try my hardest to make this game fair and fun for all.

    brightstar wanted to know, "what's in your tiny cars' cd player?"
    Caboose: In my CD Changer I have: Aerosmith "Music From Another Dimension!", John Mayer "Paradise Valley", Slash "Slash", Sawyer Brown's Greatest Hits, Neal McCoy's Greatest Hits, and Avenged Sevenfold's self-titled album.

    FlameS asked, "Not sure if this can be answered as it involved game mechanics, but how is influence calculated? Is it a minimum figure you need to reach or does it fluctuate based on game stats?"
    Caboose: We're not saying anything more about Influence it is for the players to discover.

    ChookaII asked, "What's your favorite pastime? And how are you coping being moderator? Please elaborate.
    Caboose: My favorite pastime is playing xbox. I like Forza and competitive FPS games.
    Being a moderator is frustrating. I like helping people and answering questions, but the disrespect we get is disappointing.

    royalegrande asked, "Is the game designed to favor certain people over others? For example: I watch some friends win 5-10 casinos in a day, and I have yet to win that many in my 10 years of playing.z
    Is it a personal problem or does the game favor some over others (even with more than just gambling)?
    Caboose: The odds are the same for everyone; there is no special coding or "luck" attribute on any account. I obviously can't share the specific odds for any given casino, but they are the same no matter who is logged in.

    Purple was obviously quite desperately wanting to know, "What kind of porn do you watch?"
    Caboose: I think Id get in trouble for talking about porn

    Barki wanted to know, OCing with a mod, what would you be willing to say about it?
    Caboose: OCing with a mod is better than OCing with the nation don. Plus you get more % because we don't take a cut.

    Logic asked, "who the fuck are you?"
    Caboose: What about me...? Most everything has been covered in the first Buzz article written about me. I am a Senior Consultant in a big Microsoft Gold partner firm. My focus is Business Intelligence, but I serve all of our development practices, as well as technical sales support. For fun, I play poker and road race.

    TheWildBunny wrote, "What are your predictions for how this round will progress from here on out? And how long do you think this round will last?"
    Caboose: I have no idea how long the round will last

    SarahSilverman wrote, "boxers or briefs?"
    Caboose: Boxer briefs.

    jamesd91 asked, "What came first, the chicken or the egg?"

    jiraiya wrote, "why are u a rvb fan?"
    Caboose: The first few seasons of RvB are simply amazing

    What is your relationship with Mika like?
    Caboose: Mika and I are in constant communication. I love working with him and I believe the feeling is mutual. Our strengths supplement each other well, and we almost always agree on all aspects like enhancements, policies, etc.

    What do you envision for the future?
    Caboose: Down the road I want to expand the options for gangs, crews and families.

    A few more questions were asked and had intended to be answered, but the Developer couldn't stop his phone from acting up, and our interview came to an end. We were able to provide a minor additional look into the man behind the title, and a brief look into his views and our future, but only one thing is evident, and that is he's not going anywhere. Therefore, we will more than likely see more of him in the Buzz in not only the coming weeks, but hopefully long into the future!

    (Editor's Note: I believe in the phrase "Live and Let Live" and I believe everything Caboose has done, both good and bad, have been awesome. I believe any amount of work is an improvement, as without it, this game would likely be near death or dead. I completely agree with everyone who expressed their thoughts of this matter in the Behind The Name. I am, however, above all a Buzz Editor, and I have set aside any personal views for this article.)
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