Sunday, July 6th, 2014
Issue: 11   Editor: Joke

First Day at Work ReJestration

My very first day, everyone knows the feeling. Everyone hates it. New surroundings, new people, new work. Standing outside the front door of The Buzz headquarters on a Monday morning as anxiety and nerves flowed through me. “Well,” I thought “this will not do at all.” So with a deep breath I stepped over the threshold, into the reception. The pretty receptionist smiled at me and stated that I must be one of the new writers “God, is it that obvious?” I thought to myself, as she indicated to a couple of seats by the door, one of which was occupied. “If you could take a seat over there, FlameS will be down soon to give you and the other new writer a tour of the building and show you what’s what”. I thanked her, and made my way over to the other, unoccupied seat.

The guy roughly my age I had gauged turned to me and said, “Are you new here too? I only found out yesterday that I had been successful in my application!”

“Yeah,” I replied “Found out yesterday too. It’s good to see someone else is in the same boat as me!”

He introduced himself as SweeneyTodd, and I reciprocated. This started off our conversation, just small things what we were up to before, why we applied and it wasn’t long before we realised that, in a loose sense, we were interviewing each other! “Tell you what,” I said “why don’t we interview each other, properly, and write up the interviews as an article?”

“That’s an idea! I mean, no-one outside these four walls really know that much about us, and it would be a good way for the readers to kind of get to know us!”

So with that we agreed, after FlameS had showed us around and we had got a little settled in to our offices, we would go to a conference room, and ask each other a few questions!

FlameS’ tour and introduction was over, the regular bits were in it, where the toilets and water fountains are, his office and, thankfully, the conference room locations. Though, there was a distinct lack in health and safety in it.. Anyway Sweeney and I met up as agreed, and I offered to interview him first.

“What name do you prefer to be known by on Bootleggers, whether that's your own, or a nickname? If it's a nickname, how did it come about?”

“I prefer to be called Santiago. A bit of a weird story behind it.. I absolutely love the movies "Goal". The main character in this movie is named "Santiago Munez". Ever since those movies, I have liked the name "Santiago". When the round started, I decided to take that name.”

“Interesting, I don’t think I have ever seen it myself! How did you come about you current Bootleggers name, and is there as story behind it?”

“I wanted a name which was related to a movie, and I like Johnny Depp, so I decided to take this name,” he said before adding, and turning slightly red “even though I've never actually watched the movie.”

“Don’t worry, neither have I! I need to watch more films it seems! How old are you? And roughly, where are you from?”

"I am 20 years young and I live in Buxton which is situated in Derbyshire, England."

“What do you do on your weekdays, and in your spare time?”

“I work in the insurance industry. My job is to validate and replace tools for insurance claims.
In my spare time I like to game, watch football and sleep!”

“Sleeping, the bane of every 20 year old!! I think we’ll skip over England’s less than satisfactory performance in this World Cup, not that I would be any better!
So, we've learned a bit about you, so what about the Buzz, why did you decide to join?”

“Oh wow, burn!
Regarding The Buzz, I have always liked to sit a read the articles which people have made. Back when The Buzz was a brand new feature, I loved it, every Sunday waiting for the articles to be posted.
But now, I am happy to be given the opportunity to become part of the team. I have always wanted to contribute, but back when I started (2006), I was only a boy and I had the worst grammar you would have ever seen! Luckily, it's a tad better now!”

“A well deserved burn I think though! It is good to see that you have always been an avid reader; it shows that you will have a passion as a Buzz writer! From what you said, we can gather you’re quite a long time player of Bootleggers, 8 years! What are your fondest memories, and greatest achievements?”

“Ahh, memories, what a lovely word.
My fondest memories are probably when I first started really, when a group of friends in school started playing and we'd literally spend the whole IT lesson on Bootleggers, setting each other tasks, see who can get the most amount of crimes within that hour lesson, haha, those were the days.
And in terms of achievements? I'd say joining Death Valley. I remember seeing them last round and noticing the dominance they had shown. Then at the beginning of this round, I got speaking to one of their members, Verification, and fortunately he managed to get me a spot one of their sub division, which was named Death Academy. Once they merged into 1 spot, after the crew upgrades were released, I was finally able to say "I am a member of Death Valley".”

“I hope your marks didn't suffer too much!! What has kept you playing Bootleggers over the years?”

“The thing which kept me playing BL was probably the updates. All the way back to establishments, I loved them!
And then again on the casino updates, with the roulette update.”

“I think as a final question, it’s a warm, sunny day what is your beverage of choice? Many thanks for letting me interview you!”

“Umm, I’d have to say vodka and coke!" He said with a grin "I thank you for the interview!”

With that, we had concluded the interview, as we were both very busy over the next few days we decided that it would be a good idea for my interview for his article to be done within the next week. After sitting down in my office I realised what an honour and a pleasure it would be to write for The Buzz for a long time, and I hoped that Joke would quickly stop spinning his S&W Special while looking at me menacingly as I typed this, and would soon vacate my office.
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