Sunday, July 6th, 2014
Issue: 11   Editor: Joke

Most Wanted Competition Afty

Here is a little competition for everyone. It's not an official Buzz competition, it's just me giving away some stuff for fun. I recently bought PayDay 2 on Steam in the summer sale and because I bought the 4 pack I have 3 copies to spare. I was going to give them to friends but then I remembered the great game guilt wars of the winter Steam sale. My friends feel bad if I give them games so they go way over the top with the return gifting - which then makes me feel guilty and the cycle continues until we're all broke.

Basically, because this is a 4th of July themed Buzz issue, you have to give the correct identities of the nine wanted celebrities shown in the image below. Unfortunately my computer is very old and managed to screw up some of the pictures. They're all American stars/icons though, so that's a clue for you.

The three prizes will be given out as follows:

1. One copy will go to the first person to get all nine celebrities correct.
2. All correct entries will go into a dice game and the two remaining copies will go to the first and last out. I probably wont do this dice game on the forum because I generally stay away from the forum.

To Enter: Simply go to the main page for the Buzz, select 'Competition Entry' in the drop down at the bottom. List the numbers 1 to 9 and tell me who the celebrities are.

Deadline: The deadline to enter is Monday at 7pm Bootleggers time. The three winners will be contacted on Monday after this time and I'll gift/email you the game when you get back to me.

I hope everyone enjoys this little competition. We'll look to do more officially and if anyone wants to donate towards prizes for Buzz competitions then contact FlameS or Joke.
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