Sunday, July 6th, 2014
Issue: 11   Editor: Joke

Updates Galore SweeneyTodd

Changes to the Hitlist

The hitlist is used to put a bounty against their deepest enemies.. or just too troll their foes.. but this week we have seen another update fired out from the powers above, allowing crew leaders to take the matter into their own hands and take the hit and pay the price for the hitlist, meaning the money will be deducted from the crew bank balance. This seems like an excellent feature right?!

Will we see the hitlist used more often now?

Organised Crime changes

Another update also emerged from the darkness this week. We have seen changes to the way organised crimes will be lined up. Earlier on in the week, Elite Guard have released a very.. interesting update, some may say this is a great update, some may say otherwise.

I have managed to have a chat with a few players, who are with and against the changes to give us a feel of how we feel about the change.

I spoke to a well known member of the community, Tayz. When questioned on his opinion on the recent update, Tayz then replied with "I think its fine, it will give players a challenge to rank. They should have made it so that below gangsters cant even join OCs, i don't think (even to new player) that this game should be so easy, its simple play the game learn the ropes and get on with it". As we can see from his answer, he seemed to think certain elements of the game were "easy" for new players, so I questioned that, what elements were too easy? He replied with "Not a lot now with all the updates, and that's how it should be, this game should be a challenge for people. No OCs for below gangster rank. If people can't rank to gangster within a week and will sit in the forums making stupid topics aren't really the players we want anyway"

Tayz was actually overwhelmed by the update and thinks it will make the game harder but more enjoyable for the new comers to Bootleggers. This got me thinking.. what would a new player have to say on the matter?

I managed to speak to Knackerbrod who had something slightly different to say on the update. I started by asking Knackerbrod what his opinions were on the latest update, he replied by explaining "well I recently started playing and found out I have to do 5 missions to be able to reach the rank of Gangster, Now I can't be online a lot so the missions are going pretty slow for me since they're pretty annoying sometimes, Now I was able to get some money by doing booze runs with some others and we did like 1 or 2 booze runs a day, now since we all started recently and since I can't get to Gangster in some weeks probably, I'm Kinda stuck now in the game, Can't do the missions because I don't have enough time and I also can't make money anymore since nobody wants a Thug in their booze run and I and my friends can't start one anymore. So my conclusion is: The latest update sucks!"

Some may say that the update will better the game, making it harder for players to rank meaning that people will appreciate the ranks more, others may say it's a foolish update.
What are your opinions? Let us know in the comment section below!

Let's hope more updates will emerge in the not so distant future, I hope you enjoyed reading and hope to see you in the next edition of "Updates Galore".
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