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Thanks for the Bust! ReJestration

While contemplating my life after my most recent bout with law enforcement and being busted out, yet again, I came to the question that, even though I thanked most, if not all, people who came to my rescue, was I the only one? So with that, I picked up my pencil, picked up my pad, and set off for an answer.

My first port of call was the house of Claartje, Bootleggers top buster. Unfortunately, when I arrived, she was in the middle of eating dinner, so I was politely directed to a side room to wait. Soon, Claartje came in and placed a roll of paper on the table. In a brief glace as it unrolled slightly, I saw it was a blueprint, with the letters “ios Jail” on it. Clearly Claartje was busy, so after some words of appreciation, I decided to jump right in;
“Firstly, do people you bust tend to say thank you, and if they do, what do they say?”

“Probably about 50% of the people I bust say thank you. Sometimes the number is higher, because I tend to bust friends, and people I know say thank you. Most just say "Thank you" or give quick thumbs up but sometimes I get a little story about how they hated it in jail!”

“Very interesting! Next, due to the ability to instantly reply to a bust notification being removed, do you believe the amount of thanks has declined?”

“Probably somewhat, it is kind of a hassle, especially when on the phone. But I still try to thank everyone who busts me out. It's only 3 clicks after all.”

“And finally, do you believe that money is a major influence in whether someone will attempt to bust a BP host?”

“Well, I know for myself that I try a lot harder to bust when there is a lot of money involved.”

After thanking Claartje for kindly sparing her time, I set off, where to next I was not certain, however, my bad luck from earlier had not changed; I had barely left the street Claartje lived before being ambushed by some of Illinois’ finest. Despite my protests, they hauled me straight back to jail, and in I went, face first.

Thankfully, someone helped me up, and I saw the grinning face of StickyHippy right in front of me, after a quickly muttered “Thanks”, I then proceeded to ask Hippy of his views on busting. According to Hippy, “there are two types of people”, split between those that bust and are busted a lot, and those that rarely bust. Those that are heavily involved in busting do not see the relevance in thanking the same person over and over for busting them, but instead may try to thank each other in a different way, perhaps by returning the favour. Of those that do thank, “generally it’s a simple emoticon, with the occasional “Thanks for the bust!””. When asked about the fact that busts cannot be replied to, Hippy said that it indeed makes “a huge difference. Whereas people thanked a lot last round, even the less well known people... People thank a lot less now... Some do so all the time, but I myself thank occasionally, if I'm not too busy... But not as often as I want to cause of the new system, really....”. At this point, the subject turned to money and busting, Hippy believes that the amount of money in a bust party only has a little effect on how many will join and that dedicated busters will bust, no matter what the reward.

After the “interview”, Hippy and I shook hands and went our separate ways in the jail, which was lucky as a Duesenberg, registration “Fvckl3”, drove straight through the courtyard wall, right between us. Ever the slippery one, I saw Hippy as he ran out through the hole. Turning to the driver, I saw my good friend Fuckle beckoning me urgently to the car! I jumped in, and off we went!

Not wanting to miss out on a chance go get some more information, Fuckle was next to be questioned, as we drove along. As it turns out, some similar views to Hippy, “Well a lot of the people I bust we bust each other a lot and so don't usually say anything. I still do get a fair few thanks though, some send it every time, sometimes its people I haven't busted as much.
Usually it's a just fast thanks, something like that, but sometimes they write out a sentence for me.”
However, due to Fuckle only becoming an active buster this round, he is unsure whether the new system effects the amount of thanks he would receive, “I feel like most people who want to say thanks will go through the extra couple clicks to do so, though”. The main disagreement between my three victims, is the effect of money in a bust party, when asked whether money influences how many people partake in a party, Fuckle had this to say “Definitely. Amount per bust is the biggest thing, then the state it’s in, and the amount of busts as well.
If there's enough money more people will come and create more an atmosphere.”

Just as we finished, we came around the corner to my house, and Fuckle dropped me off, just as he left, I managed a quick “Thanks for the bust!”, before he was gone.

As I sat down, I glanced at my note pad and concluded that, through my interviews and own experiences, it really does matter who you bust as to whether you’ll get a reply and that friends will try to get you back! As for the nature of the reply, I wasn’t surprised to see most received a quick and simple thanks, in some form, though Claartje’s stories do sound interesting, to say the least! The decline in thanks due to no longer being able to reply instantly, although also not surprising, is a shame, and I would certainly vote yes to this game notification getting its own message, should there be time to implement it, I feel it would give some busters that bit more gratification, that they deserve. However, I would not agree with an implementation of an automated response to the bust notification. Finally, money! Everyone loves a bit of extra cash, so higher prizes seem more likely to attract big crowds, but, as for the dedicated ones, it seems Hippy is right, busters gunna bust.