Sunday, July 13th, 2014
Issue: 12   Editor: FlameS

Once Upon A Time FlameS

At the home page of Bootleggers you have the possibility to read previous issues of the Bootleggers Buzz. Based on the great work of our previous writers, we present you a new weekly article; once upon a time. In this article we share some events which occurred exactly a few years ago.

    Round 5, Issue 31, July 15th 2007.

  • Rest in Peace Woody from The Deadly Alliance who passed away during this week

    Round 5, Issue 82, July 13th 2008

  • Eternal Labyrinth gets wiped, and the kick out feature of the forums in rolled out

    Round 5, Issue 134, July 12th 2009

  • The Syndicate show themselves by wiping The Fatal Wounds

    Round 6, Issue 35, July 18th 2010

  • The Silent Assassins wiped


  • No News

    Round 7, Issue 22, July 15th 2012

  • HDO's FlameS and FlyingDeathSquirrel call for a change in how the game is managed...naughty naughty

    Round 7, Issue 74 July 14th 2013

  • The second Nation Don in two weeks is killed

    I hope these stories give you the same amount of nostalgia as they do for me.
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