Sunday, July 13th, 2014
Issue: 12   Editor: FlameS

The Syndicate Continues to Confound Joke

"Thank you Yazz, it is the very least you could have done for me, I really do appreciate the effort and time you took..." - Fixxer

Wednesday evening a message was received at Buzz Headquarters from brightstar. In it, she began to explain the erased personality from her profile and that she was about to die. "EH is shooting me. lol" was the justification given, but only raised more questions than anything. She continued on to say, "I was told eh and ts have worked it all out.. lol" which lead to even more questions, but after hearing her last words of "not sure if Imma come back at this point... kinda pointless if no one will even give me a chance?" she was gone. With a mass collection of respects on her grave stone, our story following the famous girl may possibly end there indefinitely.

It's well known that brightstar is married to fixxer, and after an anonymous player left a verified note that stated they witnessed Bridget kill fixxer, with it being quite easily inferrable she shot brightstar as well, the Buzz went to the self-proclaimed "fearsome femme fatal" to try to get some answers. Bridget, a refugee from The Dogeleone Family currently residing in the lower council of Dutch Inc., proudly displays The Syndicate hints on her profile, is obviously not a member of the crew who was originally accused and quick to deny any affiliation with all events, Event Horizon. Eager to "get a buzz story about the fearsome Bridget," she was limited on the responses she allowed for the Buzz about the events related to the shooting, "Ask Goosy. I just do the pew pewing." Although, potentially to be featured in an eventual future "Behind the Name" feature of the Buzz, she took advantage of her first time in the limelight and asked that it be mentioned "how fearsome I am!" before she left us with her last comment regarding the events, "(I'm) currently in bed with (Goosy) and he says the only story is that The Syndicate does not exist."

The Buzz was able to get in contact with Goosy who kept to tradition as a member of The Syndicate and had no comment for the Buzz. It was, however, asked how the Buzz was able to determine Bridget was the shooter, and came as a surprise it was posted in the Graveyard. Later, Goosy explicitly denied The Syndicate was involved, and that it was on his orders that Bridget shot.

In another confusing series of events, a member of 23rd Gunslingers Co. (the crew brightstar and fixxer happened to be in at the time of their deaths) mentioned to The Buzz that after hearing from a member of Haze Blazers , it was discovered that brightstar was killed because it was believed she was an insider for Enemy of the State and that even though she may or may not be currently claiming to support, or even whether or not she truly is a member of ETS, there were members in the community that wanted revenge for last round and that fixxer was killed solely because of his relation with her.

The Buzz fully believed the story had been told until a shocking update was discovered in the Game Forum in which the reincarnated fixxer, rexxif had posted a picture apparently sent to him from Yaz, boss of 23rd Gunslingers showing the crew structure of Dutch Inc.. After a few days and another death, things finally seemed would soon be cleared up when flxxer was at last able to discuss events, but only proceeded to get more confusing from there. "Yaz was my boss in twentythird. He works for TS, his boss is goosy or altrnt." That was somewhat shocking to hear as even though it's common knowledge that not all members of TS like to remind players that "The Syndicate does not exist, but in the forum post thanking Yaz, it was all in sarcasm. "They warned Yaz that I needed to stop buying bullets, or they would kill us. Even though I hadn't bought bullets in weeks, the 33,000 I had ever since I left DV a couple weeks prior, once I ranked to don the day after, I was rewarded 10,000 bullets." Aligning anything with the previous understanding of the reason(s) behind why the events unfolded as they did was apparently only possible in a dream, but we continued on, "Yazz gave me 50 gold coins and had me leave the twentythird and join the new sub crew 'dan blizzarian' in order to put me in the wide open to be shot. They told Yazz they were going to kill us because I bought more bullets." Getting back to the point brought up regarding just how the crew structure of Dutch Inc. showed up on the Game Forum, flxxer continued, "I wanted to show DI's structure to show what level Bridget was on, and to show everyone what Yazz had been telling me all along and how he was playing both sides of the fence. Bridget's one account was not worth the resources it would take to get to her at this time, but..." In order to put any lingering doubts to rest, flixxer continued, "TS has been wanting to kill me for some reason that I can't imagine even since I joined 23rd. All and all, it feels like a pretty obvious set up to me. By exposing that, the pic of goose telling Yazz to hardkick me or he would wipe twentythird, and all the screenshots that yazz shared with me, I was hoping they would put 2 and 2 together and see that Yazz is playing them and then running back to me or whoever else and playing that side also." When questioned whether it may have simply been personal, "I've known Yaz since the game began, when he was a little kid. I like Yaz a lot, I just don't like what I see Yaz doing, though. Although this is the first time I had been once again active since around 2006, from what I've heard, Yaz has had this problem a few times over the last few years." And to finish our conversation, it was asked whether ETS had any responsibility in his opinion for their deaths, "I have been told that I was killed because I was an ets insider, and also that I was killed because bright did something or other, but I guess I will never really know the truth."

It was while the Buzz team was busy with the final touches before publication we were able to get a statement from Yaz, so excuse the lack of editing, but he had much to say in regards to the events that unfolded, "My side is very important because most of the questions raised and especially the structure are absolute lies. Brightstar is a very old friend, I've known her for years. She wasn't very happy with being charged 100g per week tax in DV, neither was fixxer. So, I offered them both a position in 23rd! Bright is ex 23rd so I wasn't too bothered bringing fixxer over. From what I know, they were/are suspected of working with one of the rival UG crews and were not to be trusted, but I mainly think the accusation was towards Brightstar... fixxer being her other half he could easily be used. I did not provide him with the crew structure, I think the topic 'Thank you Yazz' was a sarcastic remark to me not killing Bridge for killing them both, I believe it was just a topic trying to shame or embarrass me, I'm not 100% sure why he posted it. He did make himself look like a bit of a drama Queen and honestly all it did was make my profile views go up. Some of my members thought Dutch Inc would wipe us for it, but it's literally just Fixxer an ex member trying to cause some grief and it didn't accomplish anything. I've always been friendly with one member of The Syndicate, but that's the extent of it; I'm not a member. I am my own boss with Coastie. I do, though, ask people from other crews advice at times before doing anything major to not cause any grief which I don't want to bring to my members. Goosy did not tell me anything about fixxer and that he shouldn't be allowed to buy anymore bullets, another person did, I trust this person and agreed. I have no issue at all with Brightstar! She is a very very good player and a very nice person. Myself and TheArtistV2 have always had long Skype calls with her and we are very sad that she is no longer a member of 23rd we wish her the best of luck on Bootleggers. Fixxer, I did respect you and honestly can't believe how you've reacted in this situation almost blaming it on me infact, even trying to get us wiped. The fact that I sat in the crew with you waiting to die alongside you means absolute shit to you, and all you wanted was for you to be made boss of 23rd so every other member died with you is in my eyes traitorous and you've lost all of my respect I had for you. One day you might realise how much I actually helped you in the past month or so and realise you over reacted. This whole situation in my eyes isn't even news worthy, but BL does enjoy drama so fuck it enjoy! Peace - Yaz"

Obviously, quite confusing to say the least. There is not currently, nor where will there ever be a way to comprehensively and respectively tell stories that unfold like this in anything related to an easy or understandable manner, as this may just be the epitome for the definition of obscure. Few things appear to be certain, in the dust of the shooting and uproar of possible gossip, The Syndicate does not exist, Bridget does not exist, Goosy and The Syndicate may or may not be shooting and/or possibly preparing for their/his next target, and that this is not finished. We will see more to come.
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