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Weird Shooter, Caboose Corrupted! AlexanderV2

My account (Alexander) Got killed!
i start looking in the forums, crew forums for my Witness Statement!
i didn't find anyone!
There is a player called neno2 posted that he have Witness Statement with my name!
i waited him to come online! i talked to him, he said that he deleted it!

so i waited 24 hours! so i can use Private Investigators to find my Witness Statement.
after 24 hours Me and The Nation Don! (Spartacus) start searching.

N.Don used his PI over 10 times, every time a name came up with Thug account! dead before my account got killed!
same thing to me!
and my crew mates start searching using PI too, same thing.
i said there is a BUG with the WS system.

i made a ticket about it. Help ticket - Reference number: 2014

Help Desk Operator #1 - 2014-07-04 04:26:19

This is not a bug or a glitch. The witness statement search may turn up witness statements that are inaccurate. Depending on the PI that is used, this chance may increase or decrease.

Help Desk Operator #1 - 2014-07-04 04:37:17
It is possible for even the best PI to find an inaccurate statement. That means that you will have to retry.

i tried over 50 times me and my friends. in crew.

i asked in HD ticket!

Help Desk Operator #2 - 2014-07-04 12:11:05
Thank you for the report, Alexander, this is being looked into; no need to spam the ticket.


Help Desk Operator #2 - 2014-07-06 17:02:58
Hi Alexander, the bug with witness statements is believed to be resolved.

this is Caboose

Help Desk Operator #2 - 2014-07-06 17:06:40
I have found and verified the witness statement for your death, so I know that it is possible for you to do so as well.

And I've just made the fix within the last 10 minutes, so any search you started before that will still be inaccurate.

then i said thank you etc.
he closed the ticket! HE CLOSED IT, not me!


i have found my WS. and i verified it.
Shooter is Rubberduck

i found the Witness Statement in 10 min's!!!!!!!!!!

Dear AlexanderV2,
We are delighted to report that we have located a witness to the death of Alexander, who claims that Rubberduck is responsible for the murder with 89% certainty.

We have forwarded their statement to you, which can be found in the Witness tab of the Kill page. You may wish to verify this statement as our investigators were unable to determine the accuracy with the fee they received.

Thank you for choosing Wesley Hugh Agency, we look forward to doing business with you in the near future.


On 2014-07-06 19:38:05:
JP Investigations, Inc.

We are pleased to inform you that we have successfully verified that the witness statement concerning Alexander is indeed accurate.

He is an Assassin. with 37 Msg's
Killed me while im a Don with Best Protection!

He haven't been active only for 1 Day, he bought a widescreen off me! when he came online at his first day! his rank was Thug/Gangster. i can't remember.
but the MOD's said shooter was Gangster!
so he is a gangster, coz he didn't go UG when he got killed before!
he started as Gangster i believe!

that's everything he did!.

Date Joined:
2014-07-01 For Rubberduck.
My Death Date: 2014-07-02
is that Possible?

Did he manage to work at his Gym and train his gun in 1 day to shoot me???
and i don't know him, nothing personal between us! he was very gentleman with me! and i was god with him.

i made another HD ticket! Help ticket - Reference number: 2060
asking a dupe check for the shooter!

Help Desk Operator #1 - 2014-07-06 21:06:47
Alexander, there is no reason to believe based on what I can find that this player was violating the ToS.

Help Desk Operator #1 - 2014-07-06 21:10:49
This only needs to be handled in one ticket. Since you opened a new one for your latest question, I will close this one

he closed the ticket!, then he re-open it! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Help Desk Operator #1 - 2014-07-06 21:12:49
Sorry, I didn't realize this was the same ticket.

Any player can kill any other player with enough bullets.

Final Post from Caboose

Help Desk Operator #1 - 2014-07-06 21:28:12
Well, you've already made some mistakes or lied to us.

The shooter was ranked Gangster, not Thug, so I don't know what you were talking about "not being able to send money".

You're assuming it was an inactive account when in fact it was quite active.

I understand you're upset. No one likes to be shot. Some advice, player to player, would be not to be so upset about who shot you, but try and find out why, who you upset, etc?

and the shooter after 3 days he suicided! WOW hahahahhaa very good Caboose!

i was a Don with 181 Bank OC! why i didn't rank up to R.Don.
all other R.Don's i asked them 145 - 165 OC! someone stopped me to rank up!

I'm very sorry about my english if there was something wrong!

i have an issue with Caboose friend (Carcosa) he tried to shoot me but he got killed coz i was a Council in a crew!
they was together in the same crew! TDF crew!

Thank you.

-Editor's addendum: This is truly interesting stuff! The Buzz may or may not be looking into further investigating this matter for next week!