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The Art of Betraying! ReJestration

As I wandered down the streets of Trenton, New Jersey, a car came to a screeching halt not 200yards in front of me. Upon hearing a gun shot, I dove into the alleyway next to me. 15 seconds later, I saw someone sprint past, holding a gun, and a bag which looked to be filled with cash; I stuck my head out round the corner, to see another man leaning against the side of the car, shouting and yelling about booze, betrayers and various other words beginning with “B”. My Sherlockian instincts immediately kicked in, and I deduced that I must have witnessed some unlucky son-of-a-gun getting ripped off by a “friend” who betrayed him after they had just sold their alcohol from a Booze Run, and had just made off with easily a million dollars.

Clearly, in this situation, one was probably viewing the ability to betray as a very good idea, as he’s spending his ten’s of thousands, but, on the other hand, the other was more than likely cursing it’s invention from his hospital bed.
Yet again, I wanted the views of the community, so I had gathered my trusty pencil and pad, and set off for answers!

To begin with, I strolled into the game forum and tacked my question up on the board for all to see. On the whole, the responses I received were, slightly surprisingly to me, positive, or they were at least lacking complaints about the feature. There was a fair few comments praising it, such as TheArtistV2;

“I think that betraying is a good feature for the game, it evens out the profit of making so much cash very quickly with a risk. “

However, even better, there was some giving ways in which it could be improved! A large majority of these could be summed up in this short statement given by JDM;

“It's a great feature but rank should matter both in payout and in betrayal success rate.”

This led me to think “How exactly is the chance of a successful betrayal caculated..?”
Thankfully, while on my way to check the forum replies, whom should I run in to, but Mika to which his insider knowledge gave that;

“Right now, whether betrayal succeeds or fails is a matter of chance. There is a certain chance of failure and a certain chance of success. When you press betray now, you basically roll a dice and it will succeed or fail, depending on the outcome roll.”

Mika also made it clear that the reason that the betrayal option was introduced in the first place was because you could only do a Booze Run with friends, a definite indication that it is best to participate in one with people that you trust.

However, going back to what JDM said about factoring in ranks. As previously mentioned, many people did agree, but SevenVirtues did not, he voiced the opinion that;

“.. it doesn't matter who you are, if someone pulls a gun on you, they can still kill you whether you are Al Capone, John Gotti or a street thug.”

This is a point that should be taken into consideration that it doesn’t matter who you are, if someone manages to surprise you, as it happens in betrayals, you are not really going to have time to react, whether you’re a Thug, or a Don. Which brings up SevenVirtues’s next point, and his idea on a possible improvement;

“The difference between a Don and a street thug is his crew… If someone who is in a crew gets betrayed, their crew-mates, if in the same state, have a chance to catch the betrayer.”

After gathering the community’s view from the forum, I started to wander home, but barely two blocks away, I was beckoned from across the road, by someone I didn’t know. Ever the curious one, I followed and he led me to a very public café. His name was apparently not important, and he told me that previously he had betrayed many of his fellow Booze Runners, this was an interview I was not able pass to up on!

“If you could remember any of the responses that you received from those you betrayed, and what they did, if anything at all?”

“Mostly people ask for there money back, others threaten you and say they gonna shoot you, however I have only been shot 3 times, all 3 was when I scammed someone who was a member of a crew.
Most of the time though, I will instantly filter them and remove as a friend, unless I am bored and fancy an argument!”

“Excellent! I would assume that they didn’t receive any money?”

“The first time I did it, I sent the other member half, bit after that I realised they deserved to be scammed for being idiots”

At this point he passed me a piece of paper and exited the café. On this piece of paper were 6 Booze Run results, with over $7.81 million having been taken by betrayals, from the view of the betrayer. This paper showed that it they had been done over a period of two weeks, by a Thug account that had no affiliation to it! Two whole weeks before someone had shot him. As a volunteer journalist, I’m clearly in the wrong business, though, I may be not be able to remain so anonymous..