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The World Cup Joke

In the last month, nearly every player peeled their eyes from the computer screen or phone for at least a moment to watch a bit of soccer/football.

As we watched out countries compete (and lose) we brought our trash talking and predictions to our friends on here, and in the down time, content exploded up all over the place relating to recent events. Often, one could find themselves lost without keeping up on current scores.

Nearly one quarter of all players registered are Dutch, and the Netherlands team made 3rd place. Less than 5% of players are from Belgium, but after their team lost in the quarter finals, they all seems to cheer for their colors and chant for German victory instead. United States made it further than England, which was not lost on the community and is something that was not dealt out lightly nor quickly forgotten.

At the start of the World Cup, the Off Topic Forum immediately exploded with giveaways, the lottery, a raffle, and numerous other posts to discuss events such as Suarez biting, or the beautiful Axelle Despiegelaere, and in remembrance of the last month and the people involved, The Buzz gathered this small list of what we were witness to:

  • The Buzz asked all players who they thought would win, and astoundingly with over 80 votes, nearly 80% of players picked Deutschland to win the Final. Won't that be embarrassing if everyone is proven wrong!

  • AbuST held the "World Cup Giveaways" in the Off Topic Forum and collected over 800 comments by the time of publication, and in which, he estimated to have given away over $3,500,000!
  • MarcOvermars set up a sweep stake in which players sent in $100,000 and picked a number he had already randomly assigned to a team, and if their team won, they won the total prize pot of $3,200,000! Additionally, somewhat similarly to the giveaways thread, there were mini games and contests held and much, much more was given out and awarded in the thread that had over 620 responses at the time of publication.

  • Tarabsheh took over for Mary10 when her topic was lost and held the World Cup Lottery in which players picked a team, paid for a ticket, and was given the chance to win the pot of over $7,700,000!

Editor's note: Please excuse me for all information left out, I was one of the very few players to not have had the time to follow the World Cup as closely as I'd have liked. I was too busy with real life, ranking up, and editing the Buzz. However, feel free to leave any comments below so they will be remembered along with this article for future reference and/or recognition of any I may have missed. Thank you all!