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Lightning Strikes Twice For Gustin Gang FlameS

It seems there is has been a glitch in the matrix this week as we again saw Gustin Gang get wiped by the now State Don Friction. Almost the same story as last time; the shooter and his crew fail to comment on the motive and the victims are just as clueless as the public with regards to the reasons for the attack.

I got in touch with 3Quit – boss of Gustin Gang to question him to see whether he has any information at all. I asked him why Friction had wiped his crew for a second time in just a few weeks, he replied;

“Someone has it out for us, is holding a grudge or whatever; the first time someone informed Death Valley that we were preparing to shoot them. It wasn't true, but apparently he was convincing enough for DV to have us dropped. This time, someone informed Event Horizon or The Sacred Empire (not clear yet, they seem to be pointing fingers at each other), that we were housing members of The Family. To my knowledge, that isn't true either. And I'd have preferred very much that they would just have told me who it was so I could kick and kill the person myself. But no, instead of talking, they prefer to shoot.”

What 3Quit was saying sounded plausible but whoever dropped the crew for a second time must surely have more evidence. This alliance between some of the bigger stat crews on the game surely act on more evidence than this, I asked Tyn, underboss of Event Horizon whether EH had any prior knowledge of the attack, he said that EH had nothing to do with these kills in any way. This means the spotlight falls on The Sacred Empire in this case. Out of interest I asked 3Quit whether he had ever been asked to work with the alliance as so many of the kills made by Friction have been directed against accounts that are not well known in terms of their background from previous rounds, 3Quit replied;

“Yes, I was asked to join the alliance at the end of last round. There was even a big chatroom meeting. I was under the impression that I was in the alliance, but some crews who were not in the Skype meeting, but came into the alliance through another way, don't consider us part of the alliance. I guess Gustin Gang is not important enough. We're a small crew, we were too late to grab a bullet factory, so they consider us of no use.”

At this point I am almost convinced that Friction/TSE have more evidence that would lead them to continue to shoot Gustin Gang I asked 3Quit whether there is a chance he is housing members of The Family unbeknown to him, he replied thusly;

“Apparently, EH, TS, TSE have a mole in TF, MW, ETS, that mole told them that the whole crew of Gustin Gang is on the safe list of TF. I don't know how we would have earned that spot on that safe list, but for EH, TS, TSE, this is enough to believe we are with TF. My guess is that the mole is playing double game. The previous rounds, TF won by having one of their enemies take out another of their enemies. With the alliance, this seems more difficult. I guess they are trying to get the Alliance to turn on each other. They started with us, the smaller party in the alliance, and will move to the stronger ones afterwards.”

Interesting concept, and surely this is a story to watch unfold, I call members of the opposing forces out there to anonymously comment on this article, what say you leaders of this alliance are your kills done on the actions of a mole within The Family? And for you Family members out there, are you still active, lying in wait, and your members amongst crews on the statistics?

Whilst writing this article more information has come to light that suggests one of the dead members of Gustin Gang – jambalaya has been supposedly identified as Ramon, an underground member of Most Wanted. If this is true then it seems the alliances intel is spot on, the only question that remains is whether 3Quit or other members of Gusting Gang were unfortunate bystanders or know more than they let on?