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Quote of the Week Afty

There was a fantastic scene earlier this week that occurred during Mika’s Russian Roulette. The game was announced on Facebook and soon started in the Game Forum as usual. Everyone knows what Russian Roulette is, right? Wrong... it turns out that yaraZ didn’t quite know what she was getting herself into – but figured that the best way to find out was to join first and ask questions later.

She was quickly informed of what she had gotten herself into and soon regretted her choice. However, she did take the time to contact the Buzz team and ask if anyone wanted to write about her comedy of errors but also requested that I didn’t completely ruin her reputation. So, not only did she join the RR without fully understanding what it was, when she recreated her account she went underground by accident. D’oh! We’ve all had those days where nothing quite goes right.

Anyway, I’m off to inform yaraZz of a Nigerian prince who needs some Bootleggers gold to help secure the future of the royal family...

PS: Thanks for being a good sport.